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Women's Retreat - Revive

Did you know…that according to the CDC, “one in five children has a mental health issue”?

If you’re a parent of one of these children you might have experienced stress and overwhelm trying to identify the causes and find appropriate solutions that will help. You might have felt frustrated after you have tried one or more remedies that didn’t make much difference. You might have felt lonely and isolated because your child was not doing the things “normal” children were doing. And if you were to be brutally honest with yourself, you might have even felt some resentment for life being so darn difficult.

I should know, because at one time or another I have felt all of these feelings. The important thing to note is that these feelings are natural and understandable given your circumstances.

The thing is, problems start to occur when we allow these emotions go unaddressed and unresolved. Over time, these stress-response emotions begin to breed and spread into other areas and relationships of our lives. The good news is they can be stopped before their negative influence has time to take hold.

Join me, Cheryl Jones on Saturday, May 7, for a stress-reduction retreat just for moms of children with learning differences. At the Revive, Renew, Restore Retreat you will learn to revive your spiritual connection, renew your physical health and restore your emotional balance. Does this sound like something you could use?

Go to www.tinyurl.com/Revive2016 for more information and to register.

Space is limited, so please register today!


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