Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones

Cheryl C. Jones, President
Simply The Best
A dynamic facilitator, speaker, trainer and coach.

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Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating effect on the City of Houston and the surrounding communities. Some have called it, “The 500 Year Flood,” while others

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Consider performing this quick technique for three minutes a day to increase your body’s ability to fight off the effects of stress. It’s simple – its breathing. Sound too simple? It's not as easy as it sounds. When your body is under considerable stress, you tend to hold your breath.

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You have a top-notch training program, right? You train each of your employees to provide great customer service, right? So, as part of that training, you teach them to be a concierge for your business, right?

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In my first blog post on procrastination you heard about Amy, a consummate procrastinator who had big dreams, but couldn’t seem to get on the road to achieving them. She encountered one barrier...

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In my last blog post, I introduced you to my friend, Amy, the chronic procrastinator who wanted to attend nursing school, but couldn’t seem to get herself registered for classes.

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Amy (age 23) had worked as a truck stop waitress since high school graduation. Her true desire was to pursue a degree in nursing at the local college. But each time the semester rolled around and it ...

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Tens of thousands of people search the word teamwork every day, according to Google Analytics. So, is teamwork just a buzz

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When you think of the last quarter of the year, do you become inspired to make new plans and push forward? Do you begin

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