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Is “Teamwork” Just a Buzz Word in Your Organization?

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Tens of thousands of people search the word teamwork every day, according to Google Analytics. So, is teamwork just a buzz word or is there a real need for work groups to relate more harmoniously?  And if so, where does the need stem from?

Is Teamwork just a buzzword?

In my experience as a trainer and consultant to medium sized businesses for 25 years, I find that the problem with teamwork is rooted in poor business communication. When business communication breaks down, assumptions are made, misunderstandings occur, and productivity slows. In addition, workers get their feelings hurt, gossip travels like wildfire, managers become frustrated, and employees are either fired or leave the business resulting in a hefty financial cost to the organization. And they take that negative baggage about your company with them.

Yet when employees are trained in effective business communication skills, and organizational communication is made clear, consistent, open, and authentic, there are fewer misunderstandings among work groups, and fewer interruptions to production.

Effective business communication results in teams working more efficiently both internally and cross-functionally – making organizational goals easier to reach.

Business communication IS the foundation to great teamwork!

Is teamwork just a buzzword in your organization? If so, why not start spending more resources toward developing and reinforcing effective communication skills in your employees and managers so that your organization can reach its fullest potential?


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