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Cheryl Jones

  "When my clients experience joy, a clearer sense of purpose, and reach higher levels of success in their lives and businesses, I couldn't be happier."
Cheryl C. Jones, President
Simply The Best
A dynamic speaker, facilitator and coach.


“Ease and Flow”

-Cheryl C. Jones    
             Her defining words for 2016

For over 20 years Cheryl Jones has been training individuals and teams to transform their work and personal relationships so that they feel heard, respected, and part of the team. Her expertise in the area of effective interpersonal communication and healthy relationships has helped many work groups and individuals learn to break down the barriers that lead to dysfunction so that disagreements can be resolved politely and easily (imagine that!).

High level organizations such as the San Antonio Spurs, Wells Fargo Banks, and The City of San Antonio are drawn to work with her for several reasons. They appreciate her straightforward and down to earth demeanor, her easy to apply techniques, and her outstandingly successful track record.

How did she get so good? For many years she has trained and studied the nuances of human behavior in an effort to help improve how people interact with one another, especially at work. She is an expert in recognizing, working with, and teaching the four communication styles of DiSC.

In addition to her on-going professional education, she is also trained in several healing modalities. She most often uses these unique techniques with her coaching clients, but has been known to use them with groups as well to transform outdated ways of thinking. About these techniques, she says, “These tools are powerful! They help my clients neutralize past emotional traumas and eliminate limiting belief patterns that have kept them from achieving their very best.”

To engage audiences and get people motivated during her speeches and retreats, Cheryl employs a unique presentation style. She uses a facilitated-questioning process to challenge commonly held beliefs that may no longer serve the individual or the organization holding them.

Through her expert questioning skills, she cuts through corporate nonsense to help individuals recognize and revise the assumptions running their lives (and businesses). From this vantage point each individual involved begins to recreate an ‘aligned-experience’ of work and life, instead of struggling, trapped within worn-out patterns that no longer work. This new perspective pushes the doors wide-open to make room for exciting new possibilities.

Cheryl is the President Elect of the National Speakers Association-Austin Chapter, Past President of the American Society for Training and Development-San Antonio Chapter (now ATD),  is an Advanced Level Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Cheryl resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband Marvin, their two sons, and their canine companions, Pinot and Comet.


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