Managerial Skills Training

Managerial Skills Training

Your role as a leader is even more important than you might think. You have the power to help people become winners.

Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

The Authentic Leader,
A Managerial Skills Program for New and Seasoned Front Line Managers 

Focused on building trust, inspiring innovation, and motivating leaders, authentically.


The Authentic Leader Program is intended for emerging leaders, supervisors, managers and executives, and is built to increase trust, establish personal accountability and foster effective leadership. It is also excellent for re-training, re-directing, and re-energizing ineffective managers. As a result your management team will be more powerful, focused, goal oriented, and work more cohesively.

The Authentic Leader Program is NOT a boring, philosophical discussion of management styles and concepts. This is real world, action-oriented, ready to implement material. Get ready for high energy, up-beat, positive, facilitated activities and discussions designed to keep you engaged, and learning retention high.

The Authentic Leader Program is tailored to reflect your company’s values and specific needs or current issues. Managers will be prepared to confidently handle daily challenges.

Take a deep dive into 10 managerial development modules of the most effective skills necessary to manage in today’s business environment. They are designed to prepare managers to act confidently and handle the many demands of management while building trust and rapport with employees. These modules include:

  1. Setting the Stage for Leadership
  2. How to Communicate with Confidence and Care
  3. DISC Personality Profiles – Understanding Self and Others to Improve Relationships and Achieve Faster Results
  4. Principles and Lessons from The One Minute Manager
  5. Setting Performance Standards, Communicating Expectations, and Following Through
  6. Coaching Employee Performance, and Correcting Undesired Behaviors
  7. Encouraging Positive Performance and Cultivating Employee Motivation      
  8. When and How to Use Disciplinary Action and Termination
  9. Facilitating Business Meetings that Energize Employees to Action
  10. Team Problem Solving Tools to Ensure Group Consensus and Commitment to the Goal

As a result of having your leaders complete our Authentic Leader Program, your organization will experience:

  • Improved employee performance due to clear expectations
  • Enhanced trust and cooperation between managers
  • Increased individual and department productivity
  • Knowledge of appropriate praise and reprimands
  • Consistency in leadership styles across the organization
  • Competency to communicate expectations to project completion
  • Ability to motivate employees on a daily basis
  • Decreased conflict among direct reports
  • Reduction in undesirable employee behavior, such as gossip and negativity

Each module is approximately 90 minutes in length, and can be delivered in four-hour chunks. For optimal results, we suggest a two-day intensive retreat or two one-day sessions.

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