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When was the last time you got angry?


Maybe it was earlier this week when another driver cut in front of you causing you to slam on the brakes.

Perhaps it was when you had to ask your teenage child four times to wash his dishes.


Or maybe it was when you put a ton of extra time and effort into a project for your boss, and he not only took all the credit but also neglected to say, thank you.


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These are all legitimate times to feel angry.

When things don’t go as you planned, or you think your efforts were not noticed or appreciated, you can feel not only, anger but also disappointed, frustrated, hurt, and resentment.

Experiencing these feelings continuously over long periods will cause them to become embedded in your nature. They become the patterns of how you operate in the world – you begin to expect to be treated that way. The on-going expectations and negative thinking lead to negative feelings, which can lead to feeling victimized and undeserving.


Sounds like fun, right?

   Wrong! No one enjoys having a continuous pity-party or living in patterns of negativity.


Starting today, you can choose how you feel. You can choose your emotions. You can stop feeling put-upon, taken advantage of, and overwhelmed. You no longer need to feel victimized, or experience anxiety or anger. You don’t have to experience feeling unworthy, unsupported, fearful, or frustrated. Instead, you can choose to experience excitement, enthusiasm, hopefulness, love, and abundance.


Interested? Want to know more?


Imagine what your life would be like if every day, Business woman with drawn powerful hands mediumall day, you felt more confident, joyful, centered and emotionally balanced?


How many more friends might you have?


How much more money might you earn?


 What kind of promotion might you receive at work?

How much more joy might your experience?

What would your love life look like?


Wow! The possibilities are amazing and endless.

When you can recognize (See) the thoughts or events that trigger your negative emotions and take responsibility (Own) for them, you will have the power to transform (Change) them.




There is incredible power in,

Seeing It, Owning It, and Changing It!



When you achieve emotional self-mastery, you gain,

-   Increased self-awareness

-   Emotional balance

-   Greater self-confidence

-   Authenticity

-   Self-assurance

-   Polite assertiveness

-   Healthy relationships

-   Passion

-   Appreciation of self and others

-   Patience

-   Goal achievement

-   Laughter and joy

-   Personal peace


   It only takes 15-minutes to start cleaning up your stinkin’ thinkin’ and negative self-talk so you can master your emotions and your life!

Get started now!


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Emotional Self Mastery

The Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence, and Peace


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What Others Are Saying About The Book


Cheryl has created practical and powerful steps you can take immediately to experience relief, resiliency and results in all areas of your life. Your personal power, peace and freedom is waiting.

-Tami Gulland


I have devoured hundreds of personal development books over the last twenty years, so I was joyfully surprised to discover a book that reawakened me to what I thought I already knew.  Cheryl’s book is a warm, authentic and straight-to-the-helpful-points read.  She provides a little treasure chest of techniques anyone can immediately use to shift his or her emotions and thoughts…which can ultimately lead to self mastery.  I am referring this little gem to all of my friends, family and clients.  

 - Meghan S.










So many useful techniques and resources in one book!  Easy to read and understand.  It definitely helped raise my own self-awareness and is helping me to control my own emotions. I related to so many aspects of this book. 

- Karen C








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