Take a Step away from the Daily Grind

Develop Your Company's Teamwork

Take your company into a more casual atmosphere to allow your executives, managers, and employees to improve their communication, raise the level of trust, and develop goals and actions.

Work with Simply The Best, Specialized in High Energy, Motivating, and Value-Added Facilitation for Your Retreat.

Hire a Retreat Facilitator and See Real Benefits

I can help you to make your retreat more productive.


Non-Biased Toward your Organization and your team


New Eyes to Move Your Team Froward, without Judgement


Guidance to make a well-faciliteated retreat


Location, Location, Location

You can hold a company retreat on your site, but I suggest an off-site location because:

  • Concentrated discussion-away from the distractions of the work environment
  • Greater ability to focus on working cohesively
  • Participants remain for the entire session (No arriving late or leaving early)
  • A unique atmosphere that promotes collaboration and creative thinking
  • Time for personal reflection and one-on-one interactions

We can offer your organization suggestions for the perfect retreat location based on the dynamics and size of your team.

What Kind of Results Can We Expect?


Boosted Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement Within the Organization


Improved Cross-Functional Cooperation and Communication


Enhanced Teamwork and Collaboration Skills


Increased Team Productivity and Efficiency


Heightened Employee Engagement


Enriched Communication

Pick Your Retreat

Get The Most Benefits Out Of Your Retreat.
Look through the kind of retreats that I have helped plan and see if they will work for you, but I can personalize a retreat to your need. Contact me to discuss your needs.


Teamwork is Essential to Organizational Success.

"You Are Not a Team Because You Work Together. You Are a Team Because You Trust, Respect and Care For Each Other."
- Vala Afshar

When employees and managers understand each other, agree with what needs to be done to move forward and work well together, they are more productive and growth occurs more naturally.

Let’s take a look at your team. We invite you to take this quick 7 question assessment to determine how well your teams work together.

If you scored a 7 on the assessment, congratulations!

Maybe all your team needs is a Strategic Planning Retreat!

But, if your team scored 12 or more, it’s time to consider an organizational team building retreat.

Simply The Best is skilled in advancing business teams to unbelievable breakthroughs and outcomes through our team building retreats and are designed to ignite the “team” in teamwork.

Our Team Building Retreats Intend To:

Eliminate Employees Drama & Disfunction
Create a Motivating & Open Business Culture
Reduce Business Communication Breakdowns
Improve Work Relations & Customer Satisfaction
Empower Work Teams to Solve Problems Collaboratively
Identify Individual Employee Strengths to Maximize Team Potential
Strengthen Trust & Reliability Across Departments to Reach Your Goals
Stimulate Employee Morale to Ensure Powerful & Profitable Work Teams

A Strategic plan is Essential to Success.

"There is No Shame In Strategic Retreat if it Lets You Remain Strong Enough to Go After The Enemy Later."
- Jane Lindskold

Strategic planning retreats are structured, facilitated, strategic meetings for the purpose of developing a vision, an organizational mission, objectives, or an annual action plan.

Simply The Best facilitates effective strategic planning retreats that stimulate visioning, creative thinking, and comradery around a specific outcome.

Don’t let the “structured” part scare you. Our strategic planning retreats are fun, energetic and engaging! They are managed so every voice gets heard and all ideas and individuals are respected.

Through our facilitated strategic planning retreats, you and your team will work collaboratively to identify your key actions and design a blueprint to guide you to the outcomes you desire.


Create an Organization Dedicated to Excellence.

"Leadership is Not About Titles, Positions or Flow Charts. It Is About One Life Influencing Another."
- John Maxwell

Through our facilitated leadership retreats, managers and executives learn new ways to lead with excellence, influence others to perform with excellence, and create an organizational culture dedicated to excellence.

Together we can refocus your leadership team on your corporate vision, and prepare your managers to lead in ways that build trust, personal accountability, and teamwork.

As part of our retreat process for leaders, Simply The Best can also offer Interpersonal Skills Training, to facilitate better communication within the organization. If your leaders are properly trained in communication skills, they will positively influence their employees to connect and respect.

Simply The Best strongly recommends an off-site location for leadership retreats.  This allows for focus on solving problems and determining a plan of action to grow the business, without the drains and demands of the office. It also allows for privacy, and the opportunity to participate more freely.

Scheduling Your Retreat

As part of our service, we will schedule a few brief meetings, either by phone, or in person, in the weeks and months following your leadership retreat, to hear about your successes, and help address any set-backs.  We consider it insurance for your investment, intended to limit regression into old ways and habits.

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