Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreat

Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts.  It is about one life influencing another.

–John Maxwell

Through our facilitated leadership retreats, managers and executives learn new ways to lead with excellence, influence others to perform with excellence, and create an organizational culture dedicated to excellence.

Together we can refocus your leadership team on your corporate vision, and prepare your managers to lead in ways that build trust, personal accountability and team work.

As part of our retreat process for leaders, Simply The Best can also offer Interpersonal Skills Training, to facilitate better communication within the organization. If your leaders are properly trained in communication skills, they will positively influence their employees to connect and respect.

Simply The Best strongly recommends an off-site location for leadership retreats.  This allows for focus on solving problems and determining a plan of action to grow the business, without the drains and demands of the office. It also allows for privacy, and the opportunity to participate more freely.

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As part of our service, we will schedule a few brief meetings, either by phone, or in person, in the weeks and months following your leadership retreat, to hear about your successes, and help address any set-backs.  We consider it insurance for your investment, intended to limit regression into old ways and habits.

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For  20 years, Simply The Best has worked with organizations in a variety of industries to improve interpersonal skills of employees at all levels, in order to maximize productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and promote workplace harmony

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