Team Building Retreats

Team Building Retreats

Corporate Team Building

You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other.

- Vala Afshar



Teamwork is essential to organizational success.

When employees and managers understand each other, agree with what needs to be done to move forward and work well together, they are more productive and growth occurs more naturally.

Let’s take a look at your team. We invite you to take this quick 7 question assessment to determine how well your teams work together.


If you scored a 7 on the assessment, congratulations!
Maybe all your team needs is a Strategic Planning Retreat!


But, if your team scored 12 or more, it’s time to consider an organizational team building retreat.


Simply The Best is skilled in advancing business teams to unbelievable breakthroughs and outcomes through our team building retreats and are designed to ignite the “team” in teamwork.


Our team building retreats are intended to:

• Eliminate employee drama and dysfunction
• Create a motivating and open business culture
• Reduce business communication breakdowns
• Improve work relations and customer satisfaction
• Empower work teams to solve problems collaboratively
• Identify individual employee strengths to maximize team potential
• Strengthen trust and reliability across departments to reach organizational goals
• Stimulate employee morale to ensure powerful and profitable work teams


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Simply The Best incorporates many modalities into our retreats. A sample of some of the more physical activities you may encounter include:

The Network Apparatus - A fun, compact, tool for 2-8 players working together using connecting string and a marker.

The Mousetrap - A tabletop group endeavor that teaches the importance of detailed communication.

Acid River - A minimally physical activity in which participants learn creative problem solving while improving communication and trust.

Frisbee Golf - Another minimally physical game of collaboration, in which participants play golf with Frisbees

All Aboard - A group activity that teaches participants how to overcome challenges collaboratively. Again, minimally physical.


As part of our service, we will schedule a few brief meetings, either by phone, or in person, in the weeks and months following your team building retreat. These briefing are to celebrate successes, reinforce core concepts from the retreat, and help address any setbacks team members may be experiencing. We consider it insurance for your investment, intended to minimize regression into old habits and ways of being.

Contact us now, to schedule your team building retreat, and bring fun and prodcutiveness back to your team!


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