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Eliminating the Emotions that Cause Frustration, Procrastination, and Negative Self-talk 


What Does a Mindset Coach Do?

I help teens and adults release the unconscious beliefs and emotions that cause them to feel stuck, dissatisfied, frustrated, unmotivated, and unworthy. Together, we lay the groundwork for them to:


  • Acheive their goals
  • Feel confident and strong
  • Attract their desires
  • Master their relationships
  • Increase their productivity or sales
  • Experience more joy in their lives
  • Reach their full potential

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Cheryl C. Jones

"The most common issues holding women back from outrageous success are false thinking and outdated beliefs."

Meet Cheryl C. Jones

Without knowing it, many people hinder their own success by engaging in common and traditional thinking. For three decades, I’ve encouraged my audiences and coachees to think outside the box regarding their work, and what is truly possible for them. I do so, because I want them to realize personal happiness as they reach fullest potential.

My intention is to help my clients visualize the amazing possibilities that await them while helping them identify the paths to their most desired goals. I support them in rewiring outdated thinking, breaking through patterns like, “we’ve always done it that way.” Instead we focus on redefining their purpose and reigniting passion.

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Cheryl C. Jones

"When you release the false and outdated beliefs that are unconsciously running your life, you become free to exceed beyond what you thought was possible."

I earned my degree and began my career in hospitality management. Working for several major hotel and restaurant brands.  Thanks to that experience and many other industries since,  I’ve learned plenty about working with personalities, teamwork, achieving goals, and the power of positive thinking.

As a life-long-learner, I’ve continually study human connection, consciousness, communication, emotional intelligence, and motivation.

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Motivational Manifestation Mondays
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