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Learn 5 Ways to Build Team Cohesiveness While Working Remotely

Are you Getting the best results?

Dealing with people problems is a big time and energy suck.

Employee turnover, conflict between staff members, and a drop in gross revenues are a result of people problems within the organization. These often overlooked symptoms could be costing your organization between 15-30% of gross revenue.

Imagine how many more client-customers your firm could handle if there were no people problems.

Experiencing any of these people problems?

  • Employees not taking personal responsibility
  • Frequent tardiness or absences
  • Communication Break downs
  • Finger pointing and blaming
  • increased personal stress
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Cheryl C. Jones

"The most common issues holding people back from outrageous success are false beliefs and outdated paradigms."

Meet Cheryl C. Jones

For three decades, I’ve challenged people’s thinking about their work, their role in it, and what is truly possible for them. I do so, because I want them to see the potential and opportunity, I so clearly see for them. Most people limit what is possible with common and traditional thinking.

My goal is to help people see their self-imposed limitations and eliminate them for good. Because I recognize the possibility waiting for them, I push to rewire the outdated thinking of “we’ve always done it that way,” and instead focus on redefining the purpose and stimulating passion.

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Cheryl C. Jones

"The most common issues holding people back from outrageous success are false beliefs and outdated paradigms."

I earned my degree and began my career in hospitality management. Thanks to my experience in that industry I’ve learned plenty about working with and understanding various personalities and working collaboratively.

As a life-long-learner, I’ve continued to study in the areas of human connection and communication, emotional intelligence, and motivation.

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Exhausted and Frustrated by Your Own Lack of Emotional Control?

Start Getting What You Want

Learn to master your thoughts and emotions as you again your personal power.

"Cheryl Jones rates high marks for Emotional Self Mastery. By incorporating a few life techniques you learn how to reduce worry, fight & win the battle of negativity and instill happiness & joy back into your life. This is a book to keep in your briefcase and share with others."
- Rebecca Gray

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Break free from your organization’s stagnated paradigms!

Let’s work together to:

  • Rewire outdated thinking
  • Regain momentum
  • Redefine purpose
  • Reignite the vision and passion
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