About Me

My Unique Message is based on connection and approach. It always begins and ends with YOU. It’s about connecting with YOU first and then learning where you are stuck, lost, confused, or struggling. Then we begin to tackle the challenges with my 3-pronged approach – See It. Own It. & Change It into what you would prefer and what better aligns with your purpose.

About Cheryl C. Jones

My Unique Message is based on connection and approach

It always begins and ends with YOU.

It’s about connecting with YOU first and then learning where you are stuck, lost, confused, or struggling.

Then we begin to tackle the challenges with my 3-pronged approach. This approach is about helping you and/or your team See It. Own It. & Change It into what you would prefer and what better aligns with your purpose.

My Philosophy

My belief is that in every aspect of our lives, we must choose to be responsible for our actions, inactions, successes, and perceived failures. There is no more powerful voice than your own. What you say to yourself about yourself holds the greatest influence.

There is no more powerful voice than your own.

What you say to yourself about yourself holds the greatest influence.

I have seen through experience that what we say to ourselves has the greatest power. It informs our behavior. It also limits our potential.

What we say to yourselves about our organizations also directs the behavior and results of the organization. What you believe to be true about yourself and your organization causes you to act, react and respond in certain ways. When you raise awareness of subtle messages communicated and bring those messages out into the open, you can consciously choose to change them. That is when you get better results.

My message is the nudge” needed to remind you that in your hands, you hold the key to getting what you want. The key to overcoming adversity, struggle, loss of focus, challenge, underachievement, and even failure.

My message starts with you, the individual, taking 100% personal responsibility for what you have and getting what you want.

Here's what's been possible for me!

My Core Beliefs are based on personal and professional experience and five Core Concepts.

My Promise is simple.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of coaches and professional speakers out there. Which also means a lot of choices. I am honored you stopped by here and are considering me.

Here is what I can promise you:

  1. You and your attendees will not fall asleep during my presentation
  2. My message will resonate with every person in the room, even if they don’t want to hear it
  3. Every message will be tailored to your audience – You won’t get a “canned” speech, but you will get my unique message as it relates to your business or organization.
  4. My message will be power-packed with content that attendees can immediately apply to improve their current situation, careers, and relationships.

A Case Study 

Not long ago, a large sales and distribution warehouse asked me to assist them with improving communication between departments. Conflict had started erupting between salesmen and the warehouse. It wasn’t limited to just those two departments. There was tension between other departments as well – transportation with district managers, purchasing and accounting – and on and on.

Unfortunately, the internal conflict was reaching their customers. Items that were supposed to be delivered weren’t. Missing items had to be expedited, resulting in increased costs. The customer contact folks, like the customer service reps and sales people, were frustrated and grumpy when they spoke with customers due to the challenges at the office.

As we worked together, we uncovered a network of shared beliefs that were adversely impacting relationships and keeping them from achieving their goals. Our next step was to rewrite each belief structure to ensure that it fostered collaboration and trust instead of the previous self-focused beliefs. Through the process, the team members learned to challenge the old ways of thinking and behaving and adopt new methods of communication. They learned to manage their emotions respectfully and constructively.

Once the entire management team learned to communicate effectively and develop emotional mastery, the company began breaking past sales records on a regular basis while consistently seeing a 99% fill rate. Additionally, overall employee satisfaction rose by several percentage points. Today, the company continues to maintain its sales and satisfaction levels.

My Education & Experience

I received a BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the University of Houston. Although it may seem like a giant leap from managing restaurants to speaking professionally, the hospitality industry is an amazing training ground for observing and understanding human behavior – the subject I love to speak on.

After graduation, I worked in the industry as a manager, trainer, food and beverage controller, and director of catering. Through my work and continued education, I studied the nuances of human behavior as it relates to relationships in the workplace.

My experience showed me how employees at all levels – hourly to leadership – tend to limit their own and their company’s potential by their inability to communicate effectively, relate with one another, and manage emotions. That’s why I launched Simply The Best Results.

While consulting with small to medium-sized businesses, I help them identify and remove the barriers that are stunting their growth, and I assist them in developing greater emotional intelligence. As a result, many of my clients have excelled financially and otherwise.

A True Story

The San Antonio Spurs NBA Basketball franchise is one such organization. In my first season with the Spurs as a business consultant/trainer, I was asked to help improve season ticket sales. I quickly discovered that season ticket sales were suffering due to several inherent problems that occurred during every game. I brought together all four organizations involved in producing a game – the Spurs, Ticket Master, Aramark Foods, and facility management – together; we identified and analyzed the issues that were impacting ticket sales. Working as a team, we found ways to resolve the challenges and implement the solutions. As a result, the Spurs Fan Satisfaction Rating improved from 9th place in the NBA to 1st.

My Certifications

My Story – The Reason I Do This

After a decade in the hospitality industry working for four major hotel chains and one national restaurant chain, I wanted to have a larger influence on my fellow hoteliers. The common belief within the industry was that turnover was inevitable. It didn’t matter if a great employee left your organization; you would just place him with another. I wasn’t then (and am still not) in agreement with this belief.

The truth is, it takes more time, money, and energy to locate, hire, and train a new employee than it does to keep the one you have. My belief and focus are on developing the team members you have rather than replacing them. Good employees don’t just show up skilled and ready to rock your sales. They need to be properly trained, coached, and treated fairly. Then, they need ongoing training and development.

Have you ever heard the quote, “People don’t quit companies; they quit managers”? No statement could be truer, in my opinion.

When I started as a professional speaker/trainer, I wanted to influence the way managers and leaders worked with their employees. I discovered that when you take an interest in the people that report to you, they respond with loyalty and great performance. My objective has always been to improve internal communication and teamwork because when those two things are working, the company will soar.

As my knowledge and experience have increased over the past 20-plus years, I’ve come to realize that a number of things have changed, not only in the availability of qualified candidates but also in attitudes. The work world is not the same as it used to be. Good employees want more involvement in the operation. They want to have a voice, not just sit back and wait to be told what to do. They also face new challenges like workplace bullying, harassment, and higher expectations.

The greatest challenge I see in today’s workforce is an inability to overcome old workplace paradigms. My goal for the organizations and individuals I work with is to help them shift outdated, ancient thinking of yesteryear to new models of collaboration, communication, and alignment with purpose and passion.

When I’m not speaking, I am:

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