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Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Why Don’t You Have More Money?

Hey Kathi Hey Cheryl. What are we talking about today? Today we are exploring “Why you don’t have more money” Kathi-Um, excuse me? Why are we discussing my finances? Cheryl-I don’t mean you specifically, I’m speaking to women who are


Emotional Self Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome -Part 2, Resolution

Last week we defined the Impostor syndrome and explored the financial and emotional costs involved with not getting it resolved. To recap, Impostor Syndrome is defined as a psychological pattern in which an individual questions their skills, abilities, talents, or


Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome Part 1

This week we are exploring the reality of imposter syndrome. It’s a phenomenon that virtually everyone experiences at one time or another in their life. And affects men and women, medical students, marketing managers and celebrities. Even actress and singer

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Emotional Self Mastery Podcast: Jealousy

Do you remember a time when you felt jealous? Jealousy is a complex emotion. It is both human and animal and is directly related to self-esteem. When self-esteem is threatened, we become jealous. The more fragile our self-esteem the more


Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Starting Anew

Starting anew. Whether it’s a new year, new month, new day, new relationship, starting anew leaves us with the question, “What am I going to take with me to my next experience?” I think of it like moving from an


It’s Been a Privilege To work With These People

"I truly enjoyed our BEK-Houston Leadership Retreat. Your presentation was on point and your moderating skills were awesome. Everyone in the room felt comfortable enough to speak!"

Lydia Villarreal PTMA Supervisor

"I truly enjoyed our company retreat with you. Your presentation was on-point and your moderation skills are awesome. Everyone felt comfortable enough to speak!"

GM, Food Distributorship

"Cheryl Jones does more than just speak to the audience, she engaged us.  From the start, she put us at as ease and made the work we were doing fun and interactive. Thanks." 

Women's Conference Participant

"I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our college and giving us such a valuable speech. I'm sure I will always remember the 5 important points you told us to be able to succeed."

Quager Durig
Break the Pattern!

Emotional Self Mastery

You can choose your emotions. You can stop feeling put-upon, taken advantage of, and overwhelmed. You no longer need to feel victimized, or experience anxiety or anger. You don’t have to experience feeling unworthy, unsupported, fearful, or frustrated. Instead, you can choose to experience excitement, enthusiasm, hopefulness, love, and abundance.