In the competitive landscape of the business world, your mindset can be your greatest asset or your most significant barrier to success. The way you perceive challenges, handle setbacks, and approach opportunities can determine the trajectory of your career or the fate of your business.

Cheryl C. Jones

Business Mindset Coach

That’s where business mindset coaching comes in—a transformative partnership that empowers individuals and organizations to harness the power of their mindset for extraordinary results.

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8 Tips for Better Mental and Emotional Balance

If you are a business owner, manager, CEO, or solopreneur, you are likely under more pressure than you have felt in the past. Everyone seems to try to do more with less – meet the requests with fewer people to do the work.

Cultivate Personal Growth

How often do we have our feelings hurt or feel insulted by the words of others?

How frequently do our thoughts mislead us, telling us that we are vulnerable, powerless to act, or inadequate?

All too often, the stories we tell ourselves are based on false assumptions and misunderstandings, misleading us to believe something untrue.

Why Is That?

The answer lies deeply within our own self-concept – in how we see ourselves, as our image is mirrored back to us from others.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

When we hold thoughts and beliefs that we are not enough, it causes us to feel unworthy and we may fear being exposed as an imposter.
Those beliefs are false, but they keep us stuck in negative and limiting patterns of underachieving and underearning.


If you’ve felt stuck, Lost your belief in yourself, Are caught in a cycle of thinking there is no way out, Or fear that you are running out of time, your mindset is too limited.

What possibilities would be available to you if you didn’t feel stuck?
If you KNEW there were other options?

How would your life be different? What would change if you fully believed in yourself and in your ability to act on your dreams?

Here's what's been possible for a few of my clients.


It’s Been a Privilege To work With These People

"I truly enjoyed our BEK-Houston Leadership Retreat. Your presentation was on point and your moderating skills were awesome. Everyone in the room felt comfortable enough to speak!"

Lydia Villarreal PTMA Supervisor

"I truly enjoyed our company retreat with you. Your presentation was on-point and your moderation skills are awesome. Everyone felt comfortable enough to speak!"

GM, Food Distributorship

"Cheryl Jones does more than just speak to the audience, she engaged us.  From the start, she put us at as ease and made the work we were doing fun and interactive. Thanks." 

Women's Conference Participant

"I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our college and giving us such a valuable speech. I'm sure I will always remember the 5 important points you told us to be able to succeed."

Quager Durig

Here's what's been possible for me!

Changing my mindset has empowered me to do things I never thought possible.

Things like:

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And here's what's possible for you!

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