What do you think? Do your thoughts have power over you or do you hold the power over your thoughts? Could your thoughts be holding you back? Could they be causing you to play-it-safe instead of chasing your dreams? How can you know if your mind is getting in your way?

Name the first thing that comes to mind as you read these three questions:

  1. What is one thing that you would like to create in your life?
  2. How badly do you want it?
  3. What stands in the way of you having it?

The question that I’m most interested in is #3. How did you answer it? Did you say something like, I don’t have enough education, money, or time?

Reasons or Excuses?

We, humans are always giving reasons, a.k.a. excuses, why we can’t have what we want. If we were to look more deeply, beyond our immediate response, we would see that the real reason is not a lack of education, money or time. It’s not even our family obligations or our spouse. The real answer lies in the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves about what IS and IS NOT possible for us. It’s that story you are telling yourself that holds you back.

As you repeat it to yourself and as you tell others the reasons why you can’t have what you want, you embed the excuse deeper into your subconscious—creating your truth. From this position of what you say is true, it becomes increasingly difficult to see an alternative path toward what it is you want.

However, what if you could change your thoughts? Reprogram your mind, change the very messages that are holding you back. What might happen then? Couldn’t that eventually influence your subconscious truths and thus, ultimately change your outcome? I believe it can. I believe it can because I’ve done it several times.

Not Taking Real Action on Your Goals?

If you’re not going after your goals and dreams, take a moment to notice what you say to yourself (and others) about your efforts toward those goals. Every time you notice yourself making an excuse for why you aren’t acting on your goals, say out loud, “Cancel, cancel! That is not the truth.” Then replace the original statement with a positive, empowering one. If you are telling yourself that you ‘can’t lose weight,’ try flipping the switch by saying, “Cancel, cancel! That is not the truth. The truth is I haven’t tried very hard to lose weight. Starting today, I will choose to eat smaller portions and eat more vegetables with each meal.”

You have the power to make miraculous changes in your life. You can do so by doing two things, 1) become conscious of your limiting thoughts, and 2) choose to rewrite unsupportive thoughts to be empowering and encouraging.

Try this experiment

For the next seven days, select one goal on which to focus and practice rephrasing your limiting thoughts. Then notice how the feeling of possibility starts to grow within you. What you once thought was impossible will begin to shift. You will experience renewed excitement, and unseen opportunities will be revealed as your goal grows nearer.

Good luck. I wish you the very best in reaching your goals.

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