Today’s topic is another personal subject. It is one that challenges us pretty regularly.
It’s the topic of Resistance and Procrastination.
Maybe you’re familiar with it?
When I’m experiencing it, I call it “Hitting the Wall.”
Because it becomes from that place where my will power is not enough to get me moving.

Some people call it Resistance, others Procrastination. I see them as two distinctly different things.
No matter what they are called, the end result is the same – no forward movement on the project, task, or goal.

Let’s talk about how the two are different and see what Merriam Webster says are their definitions.
Resistance (opposition, challenge, fight, struggle) Defined as: the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument
Procrastination (Stall, delay, postponement) Defined as: the action of delaying or postponing something

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Something I’ve noticed – Unintended Benefits
An unintended benefit is some that you gain, but don’t actually set out to achieve.

Example: Let’s say you purchase a new laundry detergent because you want to try it out. It’s packaged with a sample box of dryer sheets. The dryer sheets are the unintended benefit.

Another example: You decide to sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Session with me to learn how my coaching strategy is different than other coaches. And at the end of the session you are able to identify what has been holding you back from achieving your goals. The original intention was to learn about my process and style, but you ended up with much more. The much more is the unintended benefit.

Let’s explore the Unintended Benefits of Resistance and Procrastination
Let’s look at Resistance first. When we experience resistance, we are refusing to comply. An example from my life is, switching to Apple product for my phone. I get razzed all the time by my children – “If you only had an iPhone mom, then we could…”

I’m resistant to making the change because my brain doesn’t operate on the “fruit frequency.” I’m a PC and Android girl. And I’m very resistant to that change.

Another thing about resistance – it could be trying to tell you something. Not necessarily the resistance. What I mean is that the Universe may be trying to cause you to slow down, because there is something that you need to become aware of. Or allow to work out before you move forward.
Your resistance may be a warning, or it may be intended to slow you down enough to take a second look at your next steps.
What you interpret as resistance could actually be a message that you need to heed.
As an example; my husband and I were on our way to the LaGuardia airport in New York after visiting family. During the ride I started to become anxious. I could feel my stomach tighten up.  The discomfort intensified as we got out of the car at the airport. I am not wanting to get on this airplane.
We waited for a long time at the gate until they announced that our flight would be delayed. Marvin went to ask what was going on and learned that they were replacing the pilot’s window because it had a crack in it. Who knows what might have happened had we taken off with a cracked window.

Let’s take a look at Procrastination
How often have you tried to muscle through procrastination? Force yourself to do something you didn’t feel inspired to do.

Think of some examples where you’ve pushed yourself through to get something done.
I have a few of my own.  I mentioned some of them in this week’s blog post on Procrastination. Here are a few others that I’ve noticed since I wrote the blog,
Cleaning off my desk
Setting up my new computer and transferring data – UGG!
Working on the outline of my next online course
Writing a strategic business plan for next year

Why do we procrastinate?
What do you think is behind your procrastination?

As it turns out, we all have different reasons for putting things off.
Some of those reasons include:
Trying to avoid negative feelings associated with taking the action (offering an apology)
Perfectionism – afraid we might get it wrong or not perfect
Fear of failure
Fear of criticism or judgment
Low Self-Esteem
Waiting until the last minute
Fear of vulnerability– putting ourselves out there in a big way set us up for feedback. In fact, we often encourage people to provide feedback. We worry that the feedback will be ugly or negative, or attracting the wrong attention.

Which of the reasons I mentioned above are true for you listener?
Let me run through them again and you keep count of how many were fit for you?  (Read the list above again.)

Hey, don’t freak out. I have several of these, too.
The good news is that I’ve found a ways to get past these types of procrastination without forcing myself through it. (Forcing is not a pretty place to be.)

Overcoming Resistance and Procrastination
When it comes to overcoming resistance and procrastination, there are two things to consider.  Determine which delay tactic it is. Is it resistance or procrastination?
If it is resistance, study the situation and actively listen to your intuition. Ask intuition, what is not measuring up here? Is there something that seems too good to be true or out of balance? Identify what it is. From there you will know the next steps to take.
If it is procrastination, remember this quote from Lao-Tzu, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”
To get beyond procrastination you need only take one step in the direction of the thing you’ve been procrastinating on. That first step will give you the momentum to take the next, and then the next.

Another simple thing you can try is to tap on your collar bone as you say the following statement,
Even though I am procrastinating on getting this task started,
I accept myself just as I am.
Then continue tapping on your collar bone and list all the reasons you are not starting it.
I’m worried that I’ll get it wrong.
What if they don’t like it.
What if it’s not perfect?
What if I’m criticized or made fun of?

Keep tapping until you’ve exhausted all the reason why you haven’t started the task or project.
Then, take two deep, cleansing breaths and 1 step toward the goal.

If you if can’t quite figure out what is holding you back, got you stuck, or causing you to procrastinate, I can help!
My clients have told me that I am amazing when it comes to detecting and solving the mysteries of procrastination and being stuck.
You Don’t have to Wait! You can schedule your complementary 30-minute discovery session and together we can identify what is causing you to procrastinate.  To access my calendar-

The bottom line is this. Procrastination is an indication that something is going on behind the scenes. Often it isn’t obvious. Try the tips I’ve given in this episode to overcome it, and if you are still struggling, give me a call. 210-545-2378.

Cheryl’s Calendar:
Complimentary 30 minute discovery session.

Tapping Tip:
Use the fingertips of both hands to lightly “tap” on your collar bone on either side of your neck.
While tapping, begin by saying,
“Even though I am procrastinating (or resisting) on this task, I accept myself just as I am.”
Continue tapping and list all the reasons you haven’t started or finished your task.
“I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong”
“I’m afraid they won’t like me”
“I’m afraid it won’t be good enough”
Get it all out. Express as much as you can think of that could be holding you back.
Then, take 2 deep cleansing breaths and take 1 action step-make a phone call, write an email, do some research-just do 1 thing.

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