Personal Energy Management is about being aware of and regulating the situations and people who try to zap your emotional and physical energy.

Have you ever attended a dinner party or networking event and left feeling drained or worn out? The reason for that was something or someone there or the environment itself stole your personal energy.

If you’ve ever experienced feeling run-down, irritable, overwhelmed or sleepy for no real reason, it’s likely due to a drain of some kind on your internal battery back-up system-your personal energy.

It’s kind of like a computer’s battery back-up system. The battery is there so that you don’t lose the data if the power goes out.

It’s important to protect your back-up system-(personal energy)

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Einstein Theory
Einstein shed some light on the idea of the Personal Energy Management concept long before anyone realized it. He said:
“Everything is energy. What we call matter is energy whose vibration has lowered as to be perceptible to our senses. We are energy. Everything has an energy signature, and that signature can be measured.”

Dr. David Hawkins – Scientist and author of Power Verses Force studied and measured the subtle changes in a person’s magnetic field as they experienced an increase of positive emotions. He noticed that a person’s cells actually died when the measurable energy dropped due to anxiety, fear, or regret.

Think of your personal energy as a battery that gets charged up by somethings and drained by others. It is important to find ways to manage your energy resources.

Your personal energy or battery level can be influenced by many different things. Those influences can be physical and external, such as loud noises or music, demanding people or children, high levels of stress- or they can be internal, such as negative emotions, false beliefs and fearful thoughts.

Other people’s energy can have a huge effect on our energy
Have you ever felt someone else’s energy? Like when you walk into a room and the people in it have just had an argument? You can feel that energy.

Your energy field extends outside your body about 6 to 8 inches

When someone is within your energy field and you are within theirs, you can influence one another’s energy. Your energy can be depleted just by being close.

For example: Riding in a car with someone who is feeling agitated can cause you to feel agitated too.

There’s another kind of energy zapper – Energy Vampires
Energy Vampires are people who drain your energy just by being around you. Sometimes these people know what they are doing, and other times they don’t. Either way they suck you dry of energy and enthusiasm.

How do you know if you’ve got an Energy Vampires in your life?
They are typically people who require a lot of your attention, have a lot of drama going on in their lives and want to share it with you and blame everyone else for their situation – they don’t like to take responsibility. Quite often, these energy vampires play the victim or martyr – “poor me”. Conversations with them may start out about you but soon turn to them, with a story worse than yours.

If you have an energy vampire in your life, recognize them for what they are, limit your time with them, don’t try to save them – you can’t and set boundaries to keep them at a distance.

Vampires are external drains on our energy. Internal drains are what is going on inside us emotionally. For example, self-doubt, second-guessing decisions, self-criticism, guilt, or shame.

It can also include unresolved past relationships, emotions like anger, resentment, or fear.

Carrying around negative emotions will drain your battery of positive energy very quickly.
Anyone can be a risk of having their personal energy resources drained because all interactions in life require energy. We are constantly exchanging energy with other people in our lives.

Problems arise when the exchange is uneven or out of balance. It leaves one person more drained than the other. That’s not fair.

Here’s what can you do to protect your personal energy.

  1. Know what fills your personal energy battery up and do it. Exercise, dance, listen to your favorite music, get good sleep, eat plant-based foods – the energy of natural foods charges up your battery-and then activate those things more often in your life.
  1. Identify the things that drain you, and do them in moderation. Put your shields up – Imagine you are the captain the Starship Enterprise. A Klingon ship approaches. To protect the ship you would say, “Shields up.” Do the same here.
  1. Protect yourself internally by clearing up unresolved issues with those who are important to you, processing old emotions of anger, frustration, and resentment-don’t let them “Kling- on”. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) and canceling out negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Replace them with positive affirmations.

In order to live your best life, living happy and full of energy, you need to recognize that you are an energy being. Your energy can be influenced by things in and around you. It’s important for you to command your own vessel and maintain its energy.

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