Hit a Plateau? Adopt a Break Through Mindset to Start Realizing Your Goals

Does it feel like you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock in your business? Has your career stalled? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau.

Most people think that the thing holding them back from achieving their goals is something outside of themselves. The truth is the only real thing blocking your success is your limited thinking. Take it from a recovering-limited-thinker, when you change your thinking you change your outcomes. Roadblocks and plateaus are only symptoms of closed-loop thinking. When you start listening for your limiting inner voice and do a rewrite to a positive message your emotions follow. Learn a 3-step process to identify and change your limited thinking so you can get what you want!


This presentation engages the audience to:

Cheryl Coaching
  • Become aware of their inner voice
  • Recognize where they have closed-loop thinking
  • Access their inner knowing
  • Shift out of limited thinking into a realm of possibility and opportunity
  • Release outdated patterns of thinking to make room for success

Learning objectives

  • Determine if the inner voice is supportive or unsupportive
  • Discover how to change the inner voice
  • Recognize when their thoughts, words and actions are not in alignment
  • Question of themselves to gain clear and accurate answers
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