Saving Susan: Keep Good Employees by Fostering Emotional Growth

Far too many of today’s employees come to work stressed and pre-occupied with life’s difficulties. They go through the motions of doing their work, rarely engaging their frontal lobe – the area of the brain responsible for problem solving, initiative, and impulse control. Frankly, they are unconscious. Driven by their “small brain emotions,” they say and do things that earn them disciplinary action forms, yet they are surprised when termination occurs.

What if these otherwise, good employees could be saved, transformed, and even molded into ideal workers? Would it be worth your time and energy?

The answer is easy. Yes! With unemployment rates in the low single digits, it makes sense to attempt to develop the emotional intelligence of qualified and already trained employees. This session will teach you how.

Learning objectives


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  • Discover the reason employees do stupid stuff
  • Learn the science that drives emotion and action
  • Understand why conventional disciplinary action doesn’t correct behavior
  • Learn a simple process to foster emotional growth
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