Each Thursday we will explore topics that relate to regaining personal power, self-confidence and inner peace. We will introduce sources and re-sources along with tools and techniques that can help you master the thoughts and emotions that cause grief, frustration, fear and more.

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8 Tips for Better Mental and Emotional Balance

8 Tips for Better Mental and Emotional Balance: ESM Episode 015

If you are a business owner, manager, CEO, or solopreneur, you are likely under more pressure than you have felt in the past. Everyone seems...
The BEST podcast on Regaining Personal Power Self-Confidence and Peace-7

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Why Don’t You Have More Money?

Hey Kathi Hey Cheryl. What are we talking about today? Today we are exploring “Why you don’t have more money” Kathi-Um, excuse me? Why are...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: What’s Your Relationship with Money?

Today we are talking about, our relationship with money. This is a subject that is an off-shoot of the Impostor Syndrome. Our relationship with money...
Episode 12

Emotional Self Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome -Part 2, Resolution

Last week we defined the Impostor syndrome and explored the financial and emotional costs involved with not getting it resolved. To recap, Impostor Syndrome is...
Episode 11

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome Part 1

This week we are exploring the reality of imposter syndrome. It’s a phenomenon that virtually everyone experiences at one time or another in their life....
Episode 10 Jealousy

Emotional Self Mastery Podcast: Jealousy

Do you remember a time when you felt jealous? Jealousy is a complex emotion. It is both human and animal and is directly related to...
The BEST podcast on Regaining Personal Power Self-Confidence and Peace-4

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Starting Anew

Starting anew. Whether it’s a new year, new month, new day, new relationship, starting anew leaves us with the question, “What am I going to...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Overcoming Resistance and Procrastination

Today's topic is another personal subject. It is one that challenges us pretty regularly. It's the topic of Resistance and Procrastination. Maybe you're familiar with...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Dealing with Loss Part II The Reality

What a difference a week can make. Not the episode we had intended to release this week, but listen in and you'll understand. Dealing with...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Dealing with Loss

Dealing with loss is not a performance. It's a personal expression. Don't judge yourself. Listen in to this podcast episode as we discuss what it...

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