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Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast

Each Thursday we will explore topics that relate to regaining personal power, self-confidence and inner peace. We will introduce sources and re-sources along with tools and techniques that can help you master the thoughts and emotions that cause grief, frustration, fear and more.

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Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Personal Energy Management

Personal Energy Management is about being aware of and regulating the situations and people who try to zap your emotional and physical energy. Have you ever attended a dinner party or networking event and left feeling drained or worn out? The reason for that was something or someone there or the environment itself stole your personal energy. If you've ever experienced feeling run-down, irritable, overwhelmed or sleepy for no real reason, it's likely due to a drain of some kind on your internal battery back-up system-your personal energy. It's kind of like a computer's battery back-up system. The battery is...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Mindset- Part 2

Part one of Mindset explained that a mindset is a series of beliefs we hold, consciously or subconsciously, which determine our results in life. There are two types of mindset; fixed and growth. We took a little survey to determine what type we have and realized that we can have both, depending on the topic. We discovered that a growth mindset is one that allows us more opportunities to live into our full potential, whereas a fixed mindset can keep us stuck in patterns of negativity. Part two is about the tools and techniques you can use to change from...

Emotional Self Mastery Podcast: Mindset Part 1

What is a mindset? A mindset is a series of beliefs you hold consciously or subconsciously which determine your results. A mindset is a default. Whatever you tend to believe, tends to come true. The more you focus on a specific belief, either positive or negative it will cause things to come into your life that are in alignment with that belief. When you think a thought over and over again, you form a neural pathway in your brain. That becomes the go-to pathway when a similar situation shows up that is like that original one. The brain is being...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Resilience

What is resilience? "The ability to bounce back from adversarial or unexpected consequences or outcomes on a regular basis. You are able to rebound more easily than not. That means you are operating at a higher emotional state to be able to do that." -Cheryl C. Jones The story of Matt and Finn Two guys, Matt and Finn who both worked for the same high-end paper co in the IT department were laid-off at the same time, along with a slew of other employees. However, one was much more resilient than the other. Matt wanted to blame the company. He...

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Unveiling Cheryl C. Jones

This is the TWENTIETH episode of Getting Simply The Best Results Podcast and FINALLY we get to find out who CHERYL C. JONES is. Cheryl has interviewed "geniuses" from all sorts of backgrounds and careers throughout her Stories of Genius Series. Now, raw and unedited...The Genius of Cheryl is unveiled!
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