Each Thursday we will explore topics that relate to regaining personal power, self-confidence and inner peace. We will introduce sources and re-sources along with tools and techniques that can help you master the thoughts and emotions that cause grief, frustration, fear and more.

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Seven Super Suggestions To Awaken Your Book Writing Dream

Many people dream of writing a book. Most don't know where to start. Some get started get discouraged and quit. A few take...
Episode 14 Sara Russell-SM

Taking the Leap-Insights on Becoming an Entrepreneur with Sara Russell

Sara Russell's leap from corporate leader to entrepreneur indirectly came about as the result of her divorce. The ending of her marriage took...

Leveraging Happiness and Music For Business Team Success with Dr. Pelè

The combined use of happiness and music in team and leadership training and development is a powerful way to leverage business success and...

Authentic Communication-Individuality Leading to Likeability

Unless you are a professional speaker (and even if you are), you might have some trepidations when asked to speak in front of...
Judy Lester Episode Art for Social Media

SELF-Leadership-Creating What You Want By Controlling What You Can

Complete Show Notes: (click here to download the Complete Show Notes)   Getting Simply The Best Results Podcast Episode 11 Judy Lester Episode...
Tami Gulland Episode Art 1400 x 1400

Break-Through to Success By Understanding and Leveraging Your Energy

Ready to shift one or more areas of your life -- trust in your intuition and self; grow your spiritual connection; discover your...
Ed Robinson 1400 x 1400

Turning Leaders into Rainmakers with Ed Robinson

Ed has been a business growth advisor and sales trainer for over 30 years. He has consulted, coached and spoken to thousands of...
Episode 8 Leadership Unchained-Social Media

Leadership Unchained with Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday is in the business of helping high-potentials and leaders achieve their best, by bringing them from informed to influential, doing to...
Susan Price-Social Media Post

Tips For Finding Your Audience, Your Customer, Your Match

Susan Price helps companies meet their business goals by creating fantastic user experiences for their stakeholders: customers, prospects, partners and employees. CEO and...

Resilience-What It Is and How to Achieve It

Resilience is NOT a natural-born quality. That’s good news! It means it’s something available to everyone and can be achieved through skill and...

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