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San Antonio Professional Speakers

I believe those who are committed to the speaking industry want and need to continually polish their message and skills and connect with others in the industry. To reach that end, I am establishing a speakers association, right here in San Antonio!

The mission for SASA (San Antonio Speakers Association) is to create a venue for professional speakers to connect and gain on-going education through workshops, seminars, and mastermind discussions.

As a resident of San Antonio, I recognize the absence of a professional group to serve speakers in our area. Currently, there are very few resources to support on-going education and networking for professional and emerging speakers. It is not my intention to duplicate the activities of NSA – Austin, rather to create a “mastermind” of like-minded individuals in the San Antonio area with whom to network, share, and learn.

To begin, it is helpful that I know your level of interest in SASA. Please take three minutes to respond to the following brief survey, by clicking HERE. Your response is confidential and greatly appreciated, as it will help develop the culture of this organization.



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For further information regarding San Antonio Speakers Association, please email founder, Cheryl C. Jones:

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