What Field of Dreams Taught Me

The movie, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner remains my all-time favorite movie. The mysterious message at the heart of the film, “If you build it, they will come”, was my anthem in the early years of my business. I whole-heartedly believed in that principle. And you know what? I built it, and they came!

One of the things Field of Dreams taught me was that if you have a vision and your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with that vision, anything is possible. This core principle is at the heart of what I speak most frequently on – alignment of thoughts, words, and actions to get the best results.

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Isn’t it time you got your mojo, motivation, and passion back? Don’t you miss the excitement and enthusiasm for life you once had? Well, it’s not gone for good. It can be yours again. Learn More

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Hit a Plateau? Break through Barriers to Personal Achievement

Does it feel like you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock in your business? Has your career stalled? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau.

Most people think that the thing holding them back from achieving their goals is something outside of themselves. The truth is the only real thing blocking your success is your limited thinking. Learn a 3-step process to identify and change your limited thinking so you can get more of what you want! Learn More

Keep Good Employees by Fostering Emotional Growth

Far too many of today’s employees come to work stressed and pre-occupied with life’s difficulties. They go through the motions of doing their work, rarely engaging their frontal lobe – the area of the brain responsible for problem solving, initiative, and impulse control. Frankly, they are unconscious. Learn what managers can do to save these otherwise good employees from themselves.  Learn More

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