Customized Presentations For Your Company

Are you interested in getting your employees rallied around a cause or all on the same page? I can come to your organization to share a message that provides encouragement and learning. I’ll even customize your presentation to meet your team’s specific needs. Just give me a call at (210) 545-2378


From Stressed-out to Resilient

Are you suffering with work-induced overwhelm, frustration and stress? Does your work environment drive you to drink? Is the daily drama between co-workers sabotaging your energy and motivation? Are you tired of being tired and ready to reclaim that feeling to vitality and joy?

If you answered not only, “Yes,” but “Heck YES!” The I have an answer for you.

Not all stressors are the same, nor do they carry the same weight or have the same impact on your energy. By attending the From Stressed-Out to Resilient presentation you will quickly identify the areas of your life and the specific stressors that cause you the most difficulty. Once we’ve identified and labeled your stressors, you will learn three techniques to reduce their effect on you, so you can begin to reclaim your energy, motivation and joy. You’ll leave this program armed with practical techniques to keep your energy centered, so you can feel more resilient.

Why Your Team Doesn't Work & How You can Fix it

High-functioning teams today are expected, but not guaranteed. If you currently manage a group of people tasked with accomplishing a goal together, then you know what I mean. Many work teams struggle with communication breakdowns, missed deadlines, lack of accountability and low levels of trust due to acts of being “thrown-under-the-bus.”

In my 20 plus years of research and experience working with teams from a variety of industries, I’ve identified the five most important and consistent reasons why team members fail to work well together. In Why Your Team Doesn’t Work & How You Can Fix It, I outline the specific issues holding most teams back and help you to identify which ones are impacting your team. Then, I’ll share with you specific action steps to take get your team back on track and working together.


Break Free From B.S. (backstories) and Start Achieving Your Goals

Do you have a plan in place for reaching your goals, your fullest potential? Do you know what path will get you there? Are you moving forward or have your stalled out?

Most people have a general idea of how they would like to create their lives, but at this point in their lives they don’t know where to begin. Life’s circumstances may have cause their youthful dreams to wither and die.  The Break Free from B.S. and Start Achieving Your Goals program offers three things. It helps you: 1. Identified the barriers keeping you from reaching your goals, 2. Break away from limiting beliefs and self-doubt that have tangled your creativity in to no action, 3. Establish a plan and pathway to getting what you want. At the end of the program you will leave feeling lighter, free-er and ready to act on achieving your fullest potential.

"Cheryl Jones does more than just speak to the audience, she engaged us.  From the start, she put us at as ease and made the work we were doing fun and interactive. Thanks." 

Women's Conference Participant

"I truly enjoyed our company retreat with you. Your presentation was on-point and your moderation skills are awesome. Everyone felt comfortable enough to speak!"

GM, Food Distributorship

Break free from your company’s limiting issues and succeed.

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or individual who feels stuck professionally, trapped by too many demands or stressed by employee misbehavior? I can help!

Together, you and I will develop the confidence and skills necessary for you and your team to succeed. I will help you ignite the energy and excitement necessary to reach your potential.

Contact me today for a free consultation about how I can help your company start improving today.

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