Cheryl offers practical and  informative topics that,

  • Increase personal happiness
  • Cut out unnecessary stress
  • Acheive personal and professional goals
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Raise individual & team productivity
  • Inspire positive action

 The Field of Dreams 

The film, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner remains my all-time favorite movie. The mysterious message at the heart of the film, “If you build it, they will come,” was my anthem in the early years of my business. I whole-heartedly believed and lived that principle. And you know what?

I built it, and they came!

An even bigger take-away from the movie was if you hold a vision and your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with that vision, anything is possible. This is one of the core principle at the heart of what I  frequently speak on – alignment of thoughts, words, and actions to get the BEST personal and business RESULTS.

Every business owner and employee needs to embrace these concepts if they are to reach the level of extraordinary. Let's talk about how we will build YOUR field of dreams.

Give me a call. I’d love to speak with you. 210-545-2378

Keynote Presentations

The Secrets to Keeping Good Employees When No One Wants To Work

It's been proven, there is a direct connection between happy employees and high levels of productivity. The truth is, productivity is rarely just about money. This in-depth presentation will explore the secrets of what it takes to multiply employee productivity in your organization.

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The Amazing Science Behind Getting The Results You Want

Invisible forces are constantly at work helping or hindering you in getting what you want. Although, many people have big hairy audacious goals, they have great difficultly reaching them. Now, science has shown that subtle and unconscious forces are at work, many of which you have the power to influence. Learn how to leverage the unseen factors driving your success.


Step Out of Your Past to Manifest All That You Desire

Manifesting the full potential of your life or business depends heavily on what you choose to do today. Good things come to those who let go of the past and embrace not having to know exactly how things will go. But to do so, it requires a particular skill called, courage. This presentation focuses on getting past fear and limiting beliefs so you can adopt the courage necessary to reach all that you desire.


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Everything Is Working In YOUR Favor - How adopting a mindset of gratitude and positive expectancy will rock your world

What if every unpleasant interaction, unexpected event, or conversation with a family member or coworker was leading you toward your higher purpose and goals? Could knowing that information cause you to pause to pay a bit more attention to the experience? Might it encourage you to stop during a stressful workday to breathe in gratitude for the contribution it is making toward your journey? Rarely, is the distance between where you are now and where you want to be a straight line. So adopting a mindset of gratitude and positive expectancy is what makes the journey worthwhile. This presentation will show you how to adopt a new mindset.

Training Presentations

Cheryl Coaching

You're Just Not My Style - Powerful Teamwork Through Communication Styles

Can you imagine a workplace where each member of the team offers encouragement and support to one another? Where feelings rarely get hurt. Where there is laughter and celebration. Where unique communication styles are not only acknowledged but appreciated. And productivity is high.

The DiSC Personality Profile and training is a powerful tool that honors individual uniqueness's while building trust and understanding. Participants learn to accommodate style preferences and properly respond to styles under stress.


Dealing With Difficult People At Work

At one time or another good employees leave organizations because they just cannot get along with one or more coworkers. When this happens, the organization suffers a loss of expertise, knowledge, and man-power.

What if interpersonal challenges could be resolved before good employees jump ship? What if each employee was self-empowered to hold critical conversations that resolved issues before HR had to get involved? Is this a dream!? Maybe not. It is possible. When employees own the necessary skills to hold constructive and respectful conversations, turnover drops, complaints decline, problems cease.


Are Your Available To Listen?

Advancements in technology are amazing - the ability to answer the phone and converse over a watch, send text messages via verbal commands, and attend meetings with exotic location backgrounds - yet, we fail to realize that the most important thing is to communicate authentically and effectively - the key to getting the best results.

In this program, learn the keys to clearing up misunderstandings, solving communication breakdowns, providing clear instructions, receiving appropriate feedback, improving work and personal relationships, and getting the results you want.


It's Important To Me That We’re A Good Fit.

If we’re going to work together, I want to make sure that we are a good fit for one another so that we’re both successful. Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with and spoken to many organizations across a variety of industries. The outcomes that were most successful  involved leaders who had several of the following in common:

  • Trusted in me to do what was in the highest and best good of the audience
  • Willingness to work with me in advance to understand their industry and audience’s challenges so I could better meet their needs
  • Comfortable with me getting the audience involved and not talking at them
  • Not afraid of words like paradigm, mindset, energy, attraction, responsibility, personal power, connectedness and emotions
  • Confidence in me to give them my very best

If these descriptions sound like you, then we are likely a good fit. Let’s Talk!

Details. Details. Details.

To avoid phone tag, schedule a time for us to meet by using my online scheduler. Of course, if you need to speak to me immediately, feel free to give me a call. I’d love to speak with you. 210-545-2378.

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