What Field of Dreams Taught Me

The movie, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner remains my all-time favorite movie. The mysterious message at the heart of the film, “If you build it, they will come”, was my anthem in the early years of my business. I whole-heartedly believed in that principle. And you know what? I built it, and they came!

One of the things Field of Dreams taught me was that if you have a vision and your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with that vision, anything is possible. This core principle is at the heart of what I speak most frequently on – alignment of thoughts, words, and actions to get the best results.

If this sounds like something you would like your audience to learn or your organization to adopt, then let’s talk about how we can build your field of dreams. Give me a call. I’d love to speak with you. 210-545-2378


Tired of the Struggle? Start Getting What you Want!

Isn’t it time you got your mojo, motivation, and passion back? Don’t you miss the excitement and enthusiasm for life you once had? Well, it’s not gone for good. It can be yours again. Learn More

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Hit a Plateau? Adopt a Break Through Mindset to Start Realizing Your Goals

Does it feel like you or your team keep hitting roadblock after roadblock in your business? Has your career or business growth stalled? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau.

Most people think that the thing holding them back from achieving their goals is something outside of themselves. The truth is the only real thing blocking success is your limited thinking. Learn a 3-step process to identify and change limited thinking so you can get more of what you want! Learn More

Practical Tools for Overcoming Procrastination

Everyone experiences procrastination some of the time – it’s nothing to be concerned with until it develops into a habitual pattern or important tasks are neglected. Did you know that delaying action can be a good thing? This presentation will explore the benefits of procrastination; what delaying action could be telling you; how to determine if you are experiencing procrastination or something else; tools for overcoming that which is reducing your productivity.



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Master Your Emotions – Don’t Let Others Get Under Your Skin

Do the things that bosses, co-workers, or partners say and do drive you crazy? Are you emotionally worn out trying to meet the expectations of others? Have you been told that you are too sensitive? These are all signs that it's time for you to master your emotions.

This presentation will help you develop greater self-awareness, balance your emotional energy, and establish personal boundaries so that your experience positive emotions, and are triggered less frequently to feel bad. You’ll leave this presentation feeling in control and empowered to manage your emotions effectively.


Saving Susan: Keep Good Employees by Fostering Emotional Growth

Far too many of today’s employees come to work stressed and pre-occupied with life’s difficulties. They go through the motions of doing their work, rarely engaging their frontal lobe – the area of the brain responsible for problem solving, initiative, and impulse control. Frankly, they are unconscious. Learn what managers can do to save these otherwise good employees from themselves.  Learn More

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Restoring Resilience – How to Get Inspired During Difficult Challenges

Difficult times call for inspired action. But how can you get inspired when you’re facing unusual circumstances and events that are outside your control?

This presentation explores how you can regain your personal power to rebound from life’s difficulties. We’ll consider the locus of control, the vibrational frequencies of your emotions, rewriting your story, and identifying the power moment that shifts your experience from adversity to inspiration.



It's Important To Me That We’re A Good Fit.

If we’re going to work together, I want to make sure that we are a good fit for one another so that we’re both successful. Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with and spoken to many organizations across a variety of industries. The outcomes that were most successful  involved leaders who had several of the following in common:

  • Trusted in me to do what was in the highest and best good of the audience
  • Willingness to work with me in advance to understand their industry and audience’s challenges so I could better meet their needs
  • Comfortable with me getting the audience involved and not talking at them
  • Not afraid of words like paradigm, mindset, energy, attraction, responsibility, personal power, connectedness and emotions
  • Confidence in me to give them my very best

If these descriptions sound like you, then we are likely a good fit. Let’s Talk!

Details. Details. Details.

To avoid phone tag, schedule a time for us to meet by using my online scheduler. Of course, if you need to speak to me immediately, feel free to give me a call. I’d love to speak with you. 210-545-2378.

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