Tap into Your Higher Self: A Guide to Making Confident Decisions

Self-Doubt: A Frequent Companion

Doubt is a universal human experience that often surfaces at crucial crossroads. For small business owners and solo practitioners, doubt becomes a frequent companion, especially when faced with important decisions such as hiring, investments, long-term commitments, or difficult clients. These decisions can trigger a wave of self-doubt, and consequences of making costly mistakes weigh heavy, involving not just financial implications buy also valuable time, energy, and even personal embarrassment.  

Piggybacking onto doubt are fear and anxiety. The fear of making an irreversible error and the associated anxiety of financial losses often go hand in hand. Additionally, the dread of humiliation or perceived vulnerability about being exploited add to this cloud of uncertainty. This waterfall of heavy emotions feeds the cycle of doubt, ultimately leading to indecisiveness and wish-washy thinking. 

Overriding Indecision: Consult Your Higher Self 

Navigating these moments of doubt can be challenging, but a profound resource lies within you – your higher self. Your higher self is that hidden aspect of your being that possesses comprehensive knowledge about you. It encompasses your past experiences, your present situation, and your aspirations for the future. This entity within you is intimately acquainted with everything you’ve encountered – seen, heard, and lived through. It’s attuned to your goals, skills, talents, and potential. Most importantly, your higher self always acts with your best interest at heart. Some refer to it as the connection to a higher consciousness, an aspect linked to a broader spiritual awareness. 

When your rational mind is muddled or struggling to decide, it’s smart to engage your higher self for guidance. 

Harness the Wisdom of Your Higher Self: A Practical Approach 

You might wonder how to effectively tap into the wisdom of your higher self. The process is surprisingly simple and here’s how you can do it. 

Step 1: Define Your Query – When faced with confusion, formulate your question or dilemma. Insert your query into this format: “Is   ___ to my highest and best good?” The blank can be a straightforward choice, even as basic as what to have for dinner, like “Is meatloaf to my highest and best good?” Alternately, if your query involves an action, structure the question as follows: “Is using Facebook advertising to promote my business to my highest and best good?” 

Step 2: Establish Yes and No Answers – Your higher self always communicates truthfully. To unlock its guidance, follow these steps: 

  • Stand with your feet about 6-8 inches apart. 
  • Allow your arms to rest naturally at your sides. 
  • Relax your neck, shoulders, and back. 
  • Gently close your eyes. 
  • Verbally say, “Show me a Yes.” 
  • With your eyes closed, pay attention to any subtle body movement. It might sway left, right, back, or in circles, stay still. 
  • This movement indicates your body’s Yes response. 
  • Repeat the process to identify the No response, observing the distinct direction of movement. 

Step 3: Engage in Q&A – Still standing with your eyes closed, present the question you formulated in Step 1. If the initial response feels unclear, rephrase the question. Your higher self responds to yes and no questions. It is unable to make the distinction when it is asked either/or inquiries. Consequently, address each option individually to get accurate guidance. 

Embrace The Sway Test: Your Path to Clarity 

This technique, known as the “Sway Test,” is a powerful tool in decision-making. Incorporating it into your daily life helps overcome overthinking and indecision, fostering trust in your higher self’s wisdom. By bypassing the filter of your logical mind, you gain access to personalized insights that can lead you toward your unique path. 

Experience the Transformation: Share Your Journey 

Now, it’s your turn to embark on this transformative journey. Take the example from Step 1 and put it to the test. After identifying your body’s yes and no, pose the meatloaf question to your higher self. Observe the response it provides. 

This process is a gateway to uncovering deeper wisdom within yourself. By allowing your higher self to guide you, you’ll discover a newfound ability to navigate life’s decisions with clarity and confidence. As you put this approach into practice, I encourage you to share your stories of how it has impacted your life. Your experiences are invaluable and can inspire others to embrace their own connection to inner wisdom. 

May this method be a guiding light on your journey towards self-assured decision-making. Best of luck! 

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