What’s your money story?

We all have one. Whether you were born with a silver spoon or are accustomed to living with little, you have a story about money.

John’s money story originated from his observations of his parents who had plenty of money as he was growing up but acted as if they had none. They purchased lesser quality household goods and used them until they were beyond worn out.

Betsy’s money story came from her mother, a working single parent of three who believed her kids should have the best that she could provide. Betsy’s mom purchased gently worn but on-trend clothes at resale shops, so her kids would fit in with peers at school.

John’s money experience caused him to believe money was hard to come by, and therefore must be hoarded and saved. Meanwhile, Betsy’s story was one of confidence in herself, because she felt she always fit in and felt equal to her peers, even though they may not have come from the same economic background.

What’s your money story?

Could your unconscious beliefs be influencing your ability to attract money, wealth, and discretionary income?

The answer is, YES!

Your beliefs, history, and observations CAN, and DO influence your ability to attract money.

Look at your track record of attracting money over the past year. Have you achieved what you desired? If not, it may be due to do one or more of the following reasons

* You were unclear about what you wanted.
* You have a belief blocking you from receiving money.
* You have not taken any action to cause money to come to you.
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During this workshop you will:

* Identify your money story and rewrite it.
* Learn what beliefs are blocking you from generating more money.
* Release the limiting beliefs blocking your money flow.
* Shift your energy from blocked to receiving mode.
* Experience a profound shift in your relationship with money.
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