Consider performing this quick technique for three minutes a day to increase your body’s ability to fight off the effects of stress. It’s simple – its breathing. Sound too simple? It’s not as easy as it sounds. When your body is under considerable stress, you tend to hold your breath. Doing so cuts off oxygen which is vital to your brain’s ability to process information and make decisions, resulting in decreased mental function.

It’s called “Heart Centered Breathing.” Sit comfortably in an upright position and breathe deeply. Focus your attention on the center of your chest. With each breath, imagine the air coming in and going out through your heart. After several breathes, recall a time when you felt a strong positive emotion like intense love or appreciation. Focus on that feeling. Hold on to the feeling for 3 minutes, while continuing to breathe deeply.

Using Heart Centered Breathing as a regular practice will re-center your energy and improve your mood. The more you practice this type of breathing the more resilience you will build, bolstering your body’s ability to fight-off stress.

Janice has been practicing Heath Centered Breathing for years and loves the benefits. She attributes her longevity in business to the daily practice of Heart Centered Breathing. Upon reflection Janice said, “I’m still amazed at how the practice of that simple technique has made it easier for me to manage people and my business over the years.”

Take three minutes now to start building resilience and set a reminder for yourself tomorrow to breathe deeply.

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