I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. I’m agitated and unmotivated. Those who know me worry if I’m ill, given my behavior. But I’m not ill- not in the physical sense of the word. I think what I’ve been experiencing is COVID Grief.

Yes, folks, COVID Grief is REAL, even if I just made up the term.

In one way or another COVID Grief has touched everyone’s lives. We have all felt the loss of interpersonal relationships outside of immediate family members. The separation from the positive influence of co-workers, friends, and customers. And the interference with simple activities that bring joy, like retail therapy.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they have COVID Grief-OR, that it is just as contagious as the virus itself. You’ll recognize you have it when all you want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing. As it progresses, you’ll notice that it has affected others when the couch starts getting crowded with family members.

I’m defining COVID Grief as a serious lack of high-energy, positive vibes. That invisible ingredient that charges you up in the morning and puts you on the path toward your dreams and goals.

When you realize you are suffering from COVID Grief, try these three things to break free.

  1. First thing in the morning, get outside and go for a walk.
  2. Make a list of five things that you are thankful for each morning. Don’t repeat items from the day before.
  3. Ask someone outside your family unit to be your emotional accountability partner and share your five things with that person.

Before you know it, the grief will lift, and your spirit will become hopeful and positive. You’ll be able to get off the couch and kick those others off too.


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