Take this 12-question quiz to find out. The results may surprise you.
Answer the first 8 questions using a scale of 1=rarely or not at all, 3=occasionally, and 5=often or frequently.

Do your employees…

  1. Treat one another discourteously?
  2. Complain about one another?
  3. Distrust one another?
  4. Make mistakes or blame others for errors?
  5. Quit and need to be replaced?
  6. Make excuses for missed deadlines?
  7. Recieve poor customer/patient relations scores?
  8. Fail to meet expectations for productivity or performance?

Part 2 – Answer these four questions about the state of your business to learn more…

  1. Do your feel you spend too much time dealing with employee drama?
  2. Is the business falling short of financial goals?
  3. Would you like your business to grow at a faster rate?
  4. Are you open to receiving help?
What do your results mean

What Your Results Means

If your team scored a 10 or more on Part 1, they may be in need of a TEAMWORK INTERVENTION. You may not realize it, but your team may be experiencing challenges that are subtly draining their energy and limiting their ability to meet organizational goals. While at the same time, their negative energy may be acting as an undercurrent, pulling away your passion and enthusiasm for the business.

If you answered, Yes, to any of the four questions in Part 2, then you are definately ripe for a change.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The only question that remains is,

Are you ready to make a change?

Contact me today to learn how I can help you re-energize and motivate your team to work well together and reach your company’s goals!

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