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3 Weeks to Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace
A Workshop for Women Emotionally Drained by The Status Quo
(Intended for women, but men are welcome)
Workshop principles based on the Best Selling Book,
Emotional Self-Mastery
Cheryl C. Jones

This 3 part event will be held on Tuesday evenings, from  7 pm-8:15 pm CST,
on Tuesday, October 13, 20 and 27, 2020.
$69.00 per person
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Week 1 – Personal Power

For this workshop, personal power refers to holding a clear mindset and feeling a level of confidence to say what is right for you. It is not about controlling or manipulating others. It includes methods to recognize and neutralize the thoughts and emotions that tend to undermine success. It is connecting with your authentic self and accepting yourself while living intentionally with purpose and optimism. When you regain your personal power, you can take decisive and deliberate action toward your goals.

Week 2 – Self-Confidence 

Having a positive view of yourself, feeling worthy, and valuing yourself are all elements of self-confidence. To experience these feelings, you must trust in your abilities and skills, have self-respect, and accept your WHOLE self – your strengths and your weaknesses. When you regain self-confidence, you will be courageous enough to stand up for yourself, handle criticism, and know that you are worthy of others' respect.

Week 3 – Peace 

For this workshop, peace refers to a continual state of internal calmness. No longer are you easily triggered by circumstances or people. You have eliminated negative self-talk. You have learned to claim your power, choose how you want to feel, and decided the meaning for yourself. You are now more resilient, appreciative, and grateful. Your emotions are no longer running your life. When you regain internal peace, you regain your life.

$69 per person

Receive 25% off your registration fee at check out, making your ticket $51.75

Master Your Emotions, Master Your Life is a three-part workshop all about changing your status quo. It is intended to help professional women regain confidence, create a plan to get what they want, receive more abundance, feel more in control of their emotions and their lives. The tools shared in this workshop will change your life.

What We Will Cover in the Workshop

Week 1 –(Personal Power)
Personal Assessment
Determine Your Workshop Goal
Learning To Get Authentic Answers
How Your Thoughts Are Influencing Your Outcomes
Identify The Obstacle(s)

Week 2 – (Self-Confidence)
Understanding the Brain’s Ability to Sabotage Our Goals
Neural Pathways to Success
Emotions and Emotional Responses
Hot Seat Opportunity

Week 3 – (Gaining Peace)
Peace Be With You
Trust in a Higher Being
Calming  & Centering Techniques
Sustaining Peace

Workshop Exclusives

  • Downloadable E-book; Emotional Self-Mastery by Cheryl C. Jones
  • Emotional Self-Assessment
  • Intention Setting Template *
  • Goal Setting Template
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Supplementary Guide
  • Participant-only downloads for sustainable results
  • Access to participant-only videos (Tapping videos/audios)
  • Virtual break-out sessions*
  • Weekly challenges to help you stay on track
  • Hot Seat (one-on-one) Coaching Opportunities
  • Unlimited email access to Cheryl C. Jones during 3 weeks of workshop

$69 per person

Receive 25%  off your registration fee at check out, making your ticket $51.75

Are you experiencing:

  • Work-dysfunction and stress
  • The burden of caring for an elderly parent
  • Sending children off to college
  • Balancing virtual learning while working
  • Running a business in a pandemic
  • Managing remote team members during a pandemic
  • Dissatisfaction with your progress of your career
  • Changes in your body and life -Feelings of “no control”

Do you want:

  • To feel confident
  • To have a plan for moving forward
  • To have more abundance
  • To feel in control of your emotions and life
  • To improve your life experience, career, or relationships

Don't forget, you'll get 25% off your registration fee at check out. Don't wait. Register Now! You'll be glad you did.

$69 per person

As an expert in interpersonal communications, mind-set mastery, and specific techniques that transform outcomes, Cheryl Jones delivers interactive and fun programs that are provide audiences with tools they can immediately use.

With over 25 years as a business consultant with large and small businesses, she acknowledges that her favorite work is helping her clients see the problem, own the issues and change the outcome.

She has authored two books, Emotional Self Mastery, The Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace, and it’s 90-day Companion Journal. Her books will teach you how to clean up your stinkin’ thinkin’ and negative self-talk, so you can master your emotions, and your life.

Before launching her speaking career, Cheryl was a restaurant manager, director of catering, banquet manager and trainer for several major hotel chains. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston and continues her love for learning through attending seminars and conferences. She has earned certificates in several stress-reducing and emotional-healing modalities.

Cheryl is Immediate President of the Austin Chapter of The National Speakers Association, and Past President of ATD, the Association for Talent Development.

She is a naturalized Texan by choice, as she exudes Texas-hospitality, herself. This former Florida-girl met her husband while attending the University of Houston. Together they are proud parents of two fine young men and one adorable Shih Tzu.

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