I can still remember my mother saying to me as a child, “Cheryl, I will not tolerate that behavior.” Of course, at this point, I can’t remember what I had done that she couldn’t tolerate. However, at the time I knew that if I continued down whatever path I was on I would end up receiving a spanking. And yes, there were plenty of times I kept traveling the path.

Tolerations are those things we put up with. They can be a nagging pain in the back. It can be the disrespectful or inappropriate behavior of others. It can the unsupportive thoughts or words we say to ourselves. It can also include the ‘stuff’ around us, like those junk drawers that are filled to the brim. A disorganized garage or an over-stuffed closet housing clothing in 3 different sizes.

Two of my tolerations include a bathroom drawer that holds many mostly empty lipsticks, blushes, and other makeup containers and the cabinet beneath that drawer which houses who-knows-what. I know it makes no sense that I hold on to these items. But I haven’t been willing to get in there to clean those two places out. Yet, I know that once I commit and do it, my mind, body, and spirit will feel free.

Tolerating messy drawers and cabinets is the same as tolerating bad thoughts and outdated beliefs – both weigh you down and drain your creative energy. When you notice a repeating unsupportive thought like, ‘I’m not worthy enough,’ ‘I don’t deserve to have ___’ it is important that you immediately pluck it from your mind and replace it with one of higher value and vibration. When you recognize and remove not only the physical tolerations in your life but also the thought tolerations, you will live a more vibrant, happy life.

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