An extraordinary event took place in my office this morning. It was so incredibly evident that I had to share it with you.

I was working with one of my longtime business clients. Let’s say her name is Shannon. She gave me a rundown of all the challenges she had faced since our last session. After listing all the issues, she added, “I can’t raise my left arm. I’m in pain all the time. I get massages twice a month and see an acupuncturist once a month, and it gets better and then starts hurting all over again.”

I said, show me how high you can raise your arm. We raised our arms together out in front of us. As I continued to reach for the ceiling, Shannon could only lift her arm about 45 degrees. The height of her hand was not even in alignment with her head.

I asked her to raise her arm as high as she could out to the side. Again, she could not raise her arm even parallel to her shoulder.

It was apparent that her range of motion was limited. I also noticed that she held her elbow close to her body. I said it looks like you are protecting yourself. Shannon’s eyes grew big with awareness, and she said, “Yes, I think I am.” Intuitively, I saw it as if she was a boxer or football player blocking a hit with her upper arm and shoulder.

I wanted to share Shannon’s story to illustrate a point. When a person endures stress over a long period like Shannon’s, it tends to manifest in the body as an ache, pain, or sinus issues. Pain is the body’s only voice to let you know there is a problem – a problem that needs your immediate attention.

Shannon experienced troubling circumstances one after the other. These events resulted in a consistently high-stress level. Here’s what she had going on.

  • Her mother was ailing. Her older sister pressured her to take over care of their mother, who lived 550 miles away.
  • Her husband recently required brain surgery and had post-surgical complications.
  • Her firstborn child will graduate from high school in a few months.
  • While her husband recovered, she operated her business and maintained the household with their two kids.

Here’s the extraordinary thing that happened.

After our short discussion, I identified the emotions causing the pain in her shoulder. Those emotions included Indecisiveness, unworthy, feeling taken for granted, and other culprits.

Together we cleared each emotion from her body using two techniques. The first technique we used involved using magnets that Shannon passed over the governing meridian on the top of her head multiple times. The second method was tapping on the meridian points on her face and torso. Releasing the trapped emotions realigned the energy flow in her body. She said she felt “a little lighter” when we first finished.

Through the process, we discovered that as a young child, she had adopted a belief that she was not as valuable as other family members and therefore put herself last.

Once we released the trapped emotions and false beliefs, I asked Shannon to raise her arm to see if there had been a change. Shannon raised her arm. She raised it almost straight up to the ceiling without pain. Then I asked her to raise it again out to her side. This time her arm rose with ease well beyond the point she had reached prior.

An hour or so after Shannon left my office, I received a text message from her. She said she had felt the tension in her shoulder release and melt away. And she thanked me.

When you feel pain, look for the cause in your thoughts and beliefs. Unless you’ve lifted something heavy or overworked your muscles, the cause of pain is seldom external to your body. Your thoughts and emotion have an incredible influence on your physical body.

Our internal self-talk and unexpressed emotions will eventually manifest in the body as stiffness, aches, pains, headaches, and even migraines. If it doesn’t show up in our bodies, it appears as procrastination, resistance, avoidance, mistakes, and self-sabotage.

What do you notice in your body or behavior that might indicate you have unexpressed or trapped emotions? These messengers are signals that there is something going on beneath the surface that wants to be resolved. They are blocking your experience of your most fulfilling life.

Think of me when you are ready to release negative thoughts, self-talk, self-sabotage, or mystery aches and pains. I can help.


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