What experiences do you intend to have this year?

Given that the year is 2023, I thought it only fitting that I come up with 23 experiences that I would like to have this year. Here’s a look at my list. Perhaps it will stimulate you to create your own.

You know, when you regularly review your list of desires, it activates the Universal Law of Attraction, magnetizing those experiences to you. I’m setting my desires in motion by making and reviewing my list every other day.

23 Experiences I Intend to Have This Year

  1. Fly first class on a flight over 3 hours long and enjoy First Class Service
  2. Stay overnight in an ancient castle
  3. Publish a book series
  4. Feed a giraffe at the San Antonio Zoo
  5. Meet P!nk after her concert in San Antonio, TX
  6. Vacation in a resort in Mexico
  7. Tap into some amazing new psychic talents
  8. Attend a spiritual retreat
  9. Consistent success with marketing on social media
  10. Dine at a fine high-end restaurant
  11. My dog to graduate from Therapy Dog Training
  12. Visit retirement communities, rehab centers, and children’s hospitals with my dog, Milo, to bring happiness
  13. Tour Italy
  14. Visit St. Augustine, Florida
  15. Snorkel in the Bahamas
  16. Build my connections on Linked In to 3000
  17. Build my list on Facebook to 1000
  18. Frequent days/evenings filled with laughter and delight
  19. Relax on the beach reading a book with the sand between my toes
  20. Attend at least one professional development seminar
  21. Make 50 new friends
  22. Go on a photo safari
  23. Find treasure using a metal detector at the beach or some other interesting place

What are the top five experiences you would like to have this year?

Leave your ideas in the comments section. And share this post on your feed, please to bring more hope and positivity to the world.

4 thoughts on “23 Experiences I intend to have this year”

  1. Five 2023 experiences I intend to have/do (in no particular order):
    1) Write one thank you note every day.
    2) Take a two-week road trip to visit family.
    3) Attend my Class of 73 high school reunion (50 years!).
    4) Crochet a temperature blanket.
    5) Practice Swedish Death Cleaning…

  2. 1.Grow my Primerica business by getting 50 new clients and 30 new team members.
    2. Go skydiving with my daughter, Donna
    3. I also have on my list to go on a safari
    4. Travel by train across the Unied States
    5. Give five families a full blown Christmas! Tree, food, gifts, visit from Santa, the whole works!

  3. 1. Travel with my husband to MD to visit my daughter and grandchildren for several days.
    2. Go fishing with my Dad.
    3. Lower my weight and blood pressure.
    4. Take my oldest grandson to the Smithsonian to see the items he has on his list.
    5. Meet Barry Manilow before he stops performing. This has been on my list every year, I need to make it happen:)

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