During the recent renovation at a local country club, a forklift operator was moving roofing material. As he moved the material from one side of the building to the other, he realized there was a ladder lying on the ground across his path. He stopped the machine and jumped down to remove the ladder. As he turned around to return to the forklift, the machine was no longer where he had left it. The lift was now rolling down a hill straight for the golf course. The operator chased it down the hill, unable to catch it (thank goodness). It eventually came to a stop in the center of the 18th green leaving deep tire tracks in its wake.

The good news is that no one what injured during this incident. However, the cost to the operator and to the contractor was significant. The operator lost his job. The contractor was responsible for over $5000 in unexpected repairs to the green.

Think about this… what would happen in your business if your employees were to take 10% more responsibility? That’s 10% more effort to ensure their work is accurate and on time.

What would it mean to you financially if there were 10% fewer mistakes; 10% fewer customer complaints; 10% fewer accidents on the job? In some cases, it could result in a savings of thousands of dollars. In others, it could result in an increase in your company’s market share.

This story is a vivid example of what NOT taking 10% more responsibility can end up costing an individual and a company. Think about it. If the operator had taken 10% more responsibility, he would still have his job today.

So what does it take to get your employees to take 10% more responsibility? Visit my blog to learn more. Look for the posting entitled, “Secrets to Getting Employees to Think Like an Owner.”

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