How often have you started a sentence with, “I’d like to do such-in-such,” only to follow it up with a litany of reasons why you can’t have or do what you want?

If you don’t notice it in yourself, look for it in your conversations with coworkers and colleagues. Especially when you ask them about their goals for this year.

Sandra said it this way just the other day. “I’d love to take a long weekend at the beach alone, but I’m just too busy. I have all these commitments and several deadlines coming up.”

Tina said it a little differently. “This year, I want to grow my practice, but I don’t know where to find my new clients. And I’m terrible at marketing. It never works.”

Renee’s limiting statement went like this. “I really want to double my income this year. However, I don’t have enough staff. I don’t know where to find them, and I don’t have time to hire and train them how I want them to behave.”

Most people say what they want and then follow it up with a list of reasons it’s impossible. I’m not immune to this success-buster issue. It happens to me too.

Just the other day, I gave myself five reasons why I couldn’t do a series of LinkedIn Live Events. All five were imaginary limitations that sounded real and valid. I realized later that my mind had made up and fabricated the reasons. I made them up to avoid experiencing failure. At that moment, the fear of failure was rearing its ugly head.

Here’s what happens for most people. They can avoid stepping out of their comfort zone when their reasoning is strong enough. However, stepping out of your comfort zone is where the action, the adventure lie, and the really big rewards await.

So how do you stop arguing for your limitations, and start living your dreams?

One of the tricks I’m using is to adopt an inspiring phrase for the year. My phrase is Be Brave, Be Bold. It takes bravery to be bold in a world where everyone has so much to say about everything. Anytime I want to try something new, and I start to feel a little dash of fear, I say to myself, ‘Be Brave, Be Bold.’ This phrase helps me step forward when my fearful mind wants to stop to list all the illogical reasons why it’s not a good idea. And when the fear is not resolved quickly through my inspiring phrase, I get removed and clear it out with the Emotion Code. The Emotion Code is a method to release trapped emotions and thoughts that limit me so I can get on living an inspired life. It is an amazingly effective tool to shift one’s energy from doubtful to ready to act or from fearful to confident.

What will you choose as your phrase for the year?

What limitations are you ready to release?

Need help getting started? I can help. I can help you identify and clear the unconscious emotions and beliefs that keep you from being your best.

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