You might think that earning a living as a professional speaker and mindset coach is a glamorous life. To tell you the truth, some weeks are more exciting than others. The exciting weeks often include travel to exotic places like Northwest Indiana and working with super cool people to dissolve the mental blocks that have them stuck. Yet, other weeks are not as eventful as the travel weeks.

As it is with many of my fellow speaking professionals, when we are not traveling or coaching, we tend to work in our home offices writing speeches, blog posts, and books, only accompanied by a canine or feline companion. (In my case, there are two high-maintenance canine companions, Pinot and Comet.) It can be a pretty lonely existence.

Recently, during one of those less eventful weeks, where there was little human contact, I started to feel apathetic. It was almost like I didn’t care about my work, my clients, or even the book I was about to release. The book release should have made this week an exciting time, but I wasn’t feeling it. Not only was I feeling apathetic, but I was bored. None of the tasks on my To Do List were remotely enticing or fun. Frankly, I just didn’t want to do them, so I didn’t.

Then one morning while I was sipping coffee seated on my office sofa (one of my many forms of procrastination), I had a thought, “Maybe I can change how I’m feeling.”

That causal thought was followed by a question, “What tool could I use to change my experience, a tool that would make my apathy and boredom go away?” I knew if I could clearly articulate what I was feeling, I could change it. The problem was that I didn’t have a clue about how to describe it. Was it really apathy? Was the feeling of sadness, resignation, or depression? Or was I just bored? I couldn’t figure it out.

So, I did what I often do when I’m having difficulty making a decision – I bypass my logical-brain and ask my subconscious mind to speak up. Other people meditate to get answers. In my case, I use muscle testing. It allows me to get past my conscious, logical-thinking mind and access a deeper level of knowing.

For those of you who are not familiar with muscle testing, it is a method to gain information by watching how a set of muscles respond to pressure. Muscle testing is a process that allows the body’s profound wisdom to answer questions without being influenced by an individual’s thoughts or emotions.

So, I tested. I asked yes or no questions to identify the beliefs and emotions that had caused me to feel apathetic. I asked questions like, “Am I unmotivated?” The answer was, “no.” “Do I have a hormone imbalance?” The answer was, “no.” I asked about four questions before I came to my first ‘yes’ answer. I asked, “Am I afraid that I will feel overwhelmed if I do all the things I’d like to do?” I received a strong answer, “Yes.” “Am I afraid that I’ll not be able to keep up with the demand and will disappoint someone?” “Yes.” Do I believe that I am capable of doing all the wonderful and creative things I’m imagining?” “Yes.”

It was at that moment, I realized that my unsupportive beliefs and fears of overwhelm and failure, were making me feel apathetic and bored. I wasn’t either of those things. I had developed a series of thoughts that caused me to believe that I couldn’t keep up with all that I was inspired to do. And as a result, I shut off my energy and excitement to protect myself. How silly is that? (Don’t answer that question.) I was holding myself back from performing the activities I loved. The actions that were actually going to raise my energetic vibration, enthusiasm, and excitement.

When I discovered the truth of what was going on, I knew I could change it. I cleared the false beliefs that were holding me back by using one of the twelve techniques in my book, Emotional Self Mastery. Afterward, I felt inspired, invigorated, and ready to kick-butt and take names for the rest of the day. My productivity was off the charts, not only for the rest of the day but for the weeks that followed.
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