In December, after months of feeling sluggish, brain-fogged, and over my ideal weight, my doctor suggested I try an anti-inflammatory diet. Not knowing what that meant, I asked what was involved? The doctor handed me a sheet of paper filled from top to bottom with text containing all the foods I should eliminate from my diet. The list just boiled down to eating only plant-based foods, removing animal products, dairy, and (here’s the kicker-)WINE. Dairy wouldn’t be a problem for me, but wine? Well, I drew the line at wine!

Wine is part of my social culture, and it nourishes my soul. It’s not just about the drinking of it, but also learning about it through winery visits, tastings, and conversations with those who produce it. The science and processes involved are fascinating to me. I’m intrigued by how the vintner transforms those tiny little grapes into beautiful bouquets of flavors. But I digress.

I have been eating a vegan diet since December 14th. Initially, the change was challenging, but the longer I have persevered, the easier it has gotten. I kept the wine “in” but cut its consumption back. Because here’s the thing,  I didn’t have to go so restricted. I could have just cut back on a few things and reduced portion sizes, but in the end, that choice would not have gotten me the results I’ve experienced and wanted. I needed to dig in and make myself as important to me as I make others.

As a result of eating vegan for three months, I’ve seen some positive changes. The first and most exciting to me is the loss of 10 pounds! Additionally, my mind is clearer, and I can concentrate better without fogging up for more extended periods. Lastly, I’ve learned that maintaining this commitment to myself nourishes more than my mind and body. It also feeds my soul. It feels good to make me a priority (the number 1 priority) for a change.

What have you done lately to nourish your mind, body, and soul?

When was the last time you made YOU a priority?

I think it’s time.


Cheryl C Jones

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