Hi there!

Hey, what does this little cabbage head have to do with you? Or me, for that matter?

This little cabbage head I grew in my own garden right over there. The funny part about it is that when I planted it, the little tag that came with it said ready to harvest in 45 days.

Well, this is February. I planted it in October. It was so not ready to harvest in 45 days. It wasn't even ready to harvest in 60 days. The truth is that some things, good things take time. And I can tell you that this little cabbage which I've been eating is delicious. As much as a cabbage can be. Right? It goes great in salads with a few other ingredients of course and so salad dressing, but the thing is, is that not everything is done in the prescribed amount of time.

So very often, the time that it takes to nurture and grow things is longer than we expect. And very often when we compare ourselves to other people and where they are in their life’s journey, they look more successful or more put together. Then we compare ourselves to them and we feel like we’re not as far along.

The truth of the matter is, if I had harvest this little guy in 45 days all I would have had is a bunch of outer leaves where the bugs had eaten holes in them and they wouldn’t have been edible and they wouldn’t have been nice.

So, waiting until it was ready, waiting until you are ready, is the best way to go. Remember, you’re not a cabbage however, you’re going to take your own time, and it doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing. Just stick to your own plan, on your own journey, and you will get there in just the right amount of time.

Do you feel like you are not far enough along in your career,

haven’t reached the success you expected,

don’t have what you think you should have by now?

Let's grow together!

Give me a call. I can straighten it all up and put you on the path to the success you deserve. You should not have to wait any longer to claim your harvest.

This is Cheryl C. Jones from Simply The Best Results.

Have a fabulous day!

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