Delia was miserable. She was in a job that no longer fit her and offered no room for professional growth. Her mother had recently passed away and her husband had suffered a heart attack.

She was trying to put on a brave face and was looking for a new, better paying job that would complement her skills and experience. The problem was, she had a lot of inner turmoil to work through before she could attract the job she was searching for.

Growing up, Delia had the mindset of being inferior. Her mother constantly compared her to her siblings and things only got worse when the children were grown. Delia’s siblings became “successful” professionals, one a pediatrician and one an attorney. Delia felt that she didn’t measure up, and the criticism from her mother only served to reinforce her belief.

As a result, Delia developed a need to have others’ approval. She was constantly second-guessing herself, lived in fear of letting others down and regularly compared herself to her siblings. She came to me for help transitioning to a new job (which she did). But the most profound transition she experienced was a change in her thoughts which led to a new self-image and unwavering confidence. With her inner turmoil resolved, she could secure a new and better job and establish better work and personal relationships.

You see, emotions affect everything about us. If we don’t manage our emotions, we can’t have the life of our dreams. The road to emotional self-mastery isn’t complex or long and winding. It’s actually quite simple. When you have the right tools and the right guide, you will feel confident and peaceful. And the circumstances of your life will fit your definition of success.

I can help you, too. Together, we can work quickly to get to the root of your inner turmoil so that you can transition to a healthier mindset and a more rewarding life.

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