Ahh, the month of August, it signals a transition is on its way. After three months of chaos caused by a lack of structure, trying to keep the kids busy, and stay cool, we welcome the return of the predictable patterns of Fall. That’s why the end of August is my time to refocus and reactivate my goals.

What project did you start this year but haven’t been able to complete?

What goal did you set that hasn’t been realized?

It’s not too late! Now, is the perfect time for you to get started again. Follow theses simple steps to cultivate your motivated and get energetically back on track.

Take 20 minutes to dwell on that project, goal or dream no yet accomplished. Remember the original intention behind the goal. Why did you want to accomplish it in the first place? What will it bring you?

As you dwell on your answers, imagine what it would feel like to have your goal complete. Can you sense the feelings of accomplishment, pride, or joy? If not, allow your imagination to create those feelings for you. Or remember those feelings from another time your felt successful and then apply them to your project.

Practice feeling the emotion of accomplishment several time a day. See if you can sustain the feeling for at least 5 minutes each time you think about it. Keep imagining your project as complete. This will create the energy and momentum you will need to take the next step toward your goal.

August is the perfect time for you to restart your goal? Don’t wait. Start thinking about it today.

Warmest wishes for success,


P.S. If you find that you need help, think about joining me for one of my Success Principles in-person workshops or a mini-retreat. The next opportunity is scheduled for Saturday, September 29. More information will be coming soon.

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