Why Struggle When You Can Lose Weight Effortlessly?

Release the Negative Emotions Driving Your Sugar Cravings

Introductory Price: $100 


What would it be worth to lose the stubborn weight you've held on to for so long?

(This program includes a total of four releasing negative emotions and trauma sessions. One initial session, plus 3 follow-up sessions to clean up any remaining triggers or cravings. All sessions will be conducted via email.)


Lose weight effortlessly without restrictive diets or hard-core exercise.

I know! You've heard this type of hype before. Here's the thing. You will naturally lose weight when you reduce or eliminate your cravings for sugar. It makes sense, doesn't it?


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Imagine your surprise as the scale begins to drop as you choose healthy foods and are no longer governed by hidden, trapped emotions and traumas causing you to crave sweet foods. Cheryl C. Jones will eliminate the events triggering your desire to eat sugar. You'll feel and look better within two weeks.

Our habits of eating sugary foods are often rooted in a desire to either reward ourselves or satisfy an unmet need for energy or attention. These habits start early and are reinforced throughout our lives. Cheryl has dealt with this personally. As a young teen struggling to adapt to the pain of a mouth full of braces and the ugliness of 24-hour double headgear, her parents tried calming her anxiety by providing ice cream after each visit to the orthodontist. This pattern continued into adulthood, morphing into sweet treats after each visit to the dentist. Releasing the trapped emotions associated with stressful doctor's visits was the first key to breaking the pattern with sweet treats.

In this releasing negative emotions program, Cheryl will identify the trapped emotions and traumas that are generating your desire for sweet foods. Once the emotions are aknowledge, she will clear them, eliminating their influence over you. You will easily and naturally lose unnecessary weight.

What's The Process?

Step 1: Submit Your Request

After payment, you will complete and return a questionnaire to help Cheryl prepare for your session.

Step 2: Request Is Received

Within 12 hours, your releasing negative emotions session will be complete, and Cheryl will email you to let you know.

 Step3: Follow-up & Results

You'll receive 3 emails within 7 days. Respond to each email to update Cheryl with any remaining triggers, and she will release any emotions still outstanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are sessions held?

    Sessions are held via email. There's no need to meet in person or virtually. Once Cheryl receives your completed questionnaire, she can begin your session.

  • How does it work?

    With your payment, you grant Cheryl permission to work with you. She has a unique ability to hook up energetically to your subconscious mind for the purpose of identifying the emotions and traumas trapped within your body that cause you to want to consume sugary foods. Once she has identified the negative emotions, she will clear them from your body using a magnet. (The process is called Emotion Code.)  Once you are cleared of the triggering emotions and traumas, you will be less likely to choose the sweet foods that have been a problem in the past, and you will naturally start to lose weight. 

    At days 3, 5, and 7, after your first session, you will receive an email asking you to report the changes you have noticed and list any remaining triggers or foods that concern you. After receiving your response each time, Cheryl will clear the remaining items or issues.

  • What do I need to do after my session?

    Stay hydrated. Drink extra water. Pay attention to your response to things that may have triggered you to consume sweets in the past. Make a note of any cravings, strong desires, triggers, or habits that may still need some attention.

  • Why is this process more effective at helping lose weight?

    Culturally, we have been programmed to comfort ourselves with food. There is also a tendency to eat beyond what is necessary to sustain our bodies. Overeating and eating for comfort is typically rooted in unresolved trapped emotions of fear, self-sabotage, or low self-esteem. Once the emotions are cleared, they are no longer a driver of behavior. Traditional weight loss programs do not address these underlying motivators.

  • How can I learn more about the process of releasing negative emotions?

    On Cheryl's website, there's a short video explaining the process, the chart, and how the magnets work. You can access it at https://simplythebestresults.com/Emotion-Code

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