Do you ever asked yourself, “Why don’t I have more money?”

One of the reasons you don’t have more money lives at your core. You and I have money stories. Narratives that are influencing our current day relationship with money. You, like me, probably grew up hearing phrases like,

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
It takes money to make money.
Rich people are greedy.
Money is the root of all evil.
It’s better to be poor and happy than rich and sad.
We’ve always been poor.
It takes luck to get rich.
That’s a waste of money.

Any of these sound familiar?

If you recognize any of these phrases or heard similar ones as you grew up, you can’t help but have a few stories ingrained, like programming in the back of your head, about money and your ability to amass it.

Phrases like these get stuck in our subconscious minds and influence our future thoughts, emotions, and actions. If you believe the quote, “you must have money first to make money”, and you don’t have much money to begin with, you will find it difficult to achieve any kind of significant wealth.

That is because that phrase is always running in the background like a silent program application that keeps your thoughts and behavior in a pattern that matches the belief. It continuously influences all your current and future decisions and behaviors. The only way to take away its power is to neutralize it. Once it has been neutralized it will no longer have power over you.

Maybe it wasn’t so much what you heard as what you witnessed in your childhood around money that has shaped your current view. A friend of mine, Kathi, shared her story with me not too long ago and agreed that I could share it with you.

When she was a teen, Kathi’s father retired from his military career and went back to college. Her mom, a housewife (her mom’s words), had never really worked before. Money became tight, then money became almost non-existent.

Kathi recalls cars being repossessed from her driveway, electricity and phone service being disconnected, checks bouncing, no money for clothes or outings – life was difficult. As a teen, she couldn’t understand what was happening and how they had gone from a life of comfort and abundance, to a life of constant financial strain and stress. It scared her.

Fast forward to her marriage to TC. They decided that TC would handle paying the bills for the family. He was and still is a financially savvy and responsible guy. It made sense for them.

However, any time the electricity went out, or the internet went down, or the phone wouldn’t connect, Kathi would go to TC in panic and ask if he had paid the bills. The answer was always, “of course”. She could not help herself from being afraid they were losing everything. She had to know that the rest of the neighborhood was experiencing similar issues before she could relax.

We have since neutralized her fears and upgraded her programming from childhood so that she no longer has that panicky feeling when the lights go off.

Upgrade Your Programming

To upgrade your programming, first make a list of the phrases you heard or the things you witnessed growing up that may have shaped your current money view. You may have heard your parents or other family members make similar statements or witnessed similar experiences to those previously mentioned. Notice how often those same statements/scenes cross your mind. The first step to taking their power away is to recognize them playing out.

The next step is to replace them with a statement that is more accurate and positive. If one of your embedded statements is, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, recognize it as the limiting belief that it is, and replace it with “money comes to me as easily as picking it from trees”. Repeat the new phrase several times to anchor it into your subconscious mind.

That is just one way to move beyond your limiting beliefs about money.

But what do you do when you can’t figure out what is holding you back or blocking you from receiving more money? That’s when you need a professional to assist you. Included in my treasure trove of gifts and talents is the ability to quickly identify and clear the emotional and psychological barriers that keep you from receiving the money you deserve.  I must tell you; it has been incredible to see the results my clients have experienced once their money limitations were cleared.

Remember, if you are not making the money you feel you deserve, look to see what beliefs, stories, and emotions you hold regarding money. The lack of money flowing to you may be hidden in your subconscious mind. So, look closely.

Cheryl C Jones

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