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Member Benefits

Member participation is the lifeblood of any organization.

The relationships created between members are what bring the organization to life and make it fulfilling for all. A community is created that cannot be duplicated.

The purpose of membership in SASA is layered. It’s more than a networking opportunity among speaking professionals. Through this organization, members will be able to access the knowledge and expertise of fellow speaking professionals as part of a friendly, community-based collaboration, promoting ethical conduct and support. Members will build relationships with other local speaking professionals and learn new ways of working, presenting and doing business from one another.

If you use your voice to educate, entertain or inspire and want to grow as a professional, moving to the next level, join us!

Membership in San Antonio Speakers Association offers opportunities to:

  • Become a charter member and pay the lowest dues

  • Connect with a growing family of like-minded professionals building their speaking business

  • Grow professionally through professional seminars that help you develop your business and platform skills.

  • Benefit from mastermind sessions where you can brainstorm and explore new ideas in an intimate and informal setting

  • Receive discounts on ALL events & experiences (see events page for member-only pricing)

  • Attend Member ONLY events such as mastermind sessions

  • Receive organic referrals for speaking opportunities

  • Participate in a private LinkedIn forum where you can ask questions, share resources, and receive notification of speaking opportunities

  • Participate in a uniquely focused forum that provides support in getting specific projects complete – Get-It-Done!

  • Qualify to be a podcast guest on a show about getting the best results featuring your expertise

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Charter Membership: $135 for the inaugural year, 2020.

Event fees cover the costs of professional presenters and professional development programs that will provide you with a higher-level experience.

Meeting Fees: Breakfast Meeting Fees:  $25 for members, $45 for non-members (breakfast included).

Mastermind Event Fees: $30 for members,  $45 for non-members

*Special Note:
Mastermind Events are intended to be a “members-only” benefit. However, non-members may attend one time at the non-member rate of $45 in order to experience and understand the value of membership. After the first visit to a Mastermind, a non-member must become a SASA member to attend future Masterminds.

Membership has its privileges.

SASA is managed by Simply The Best Results.

For further information regarding San Antonio Speakers Association, please email founder, Cheryl C. Jones:

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