It isn’t easy to understand. Why are people punching flight attendants, demanding to see managers, and becoming violent at school board meetings? Why do we keep hearing about people quitting their jobs?

I wish I could say there has been a weird alien dust cloud covering the earth, and it’s now starting to clear so we can all return to normal. But that would be the stuff of science-fiction.

Here’s what I think is going on. First, I believe people everywhere feel lost and powerless over the events and direction of their lives.

Let’s review the past 20 months.

We had the following: election issues, an insurrection, pandemic, restricted travel, delayed or canceled life plans, hurricanes, flooding, fires, death toll, separations, job loss, violence, masking, vaccine mandates, delayed shipping, understaffing, virtual learning, race tensions.

For over a year now, we have been taking one hit after another. As a result, our lives have become restricted in one form or another. We have had little say or control over much of it. Where we once dreamt of unlimited possibilities, we now question even the simplest of options.

I think many people feel like our choices and opportunities are limited. And the longer we live in this belief, the more it becomes real – reminding us that we have less control than we used to have.

We are ready. We want to move on and past it all, but the world keeps saying, “back up”! That out-of-control feeling leads to fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and worse.

So, here’s the good news. We may not be as able to control things as we once did, but we CAN control our actions and reactions.

When you saw the video of the man hitting the flight attendant in the face, what did you think? Here’s what I thought. That man had choices, and he made a bad one.

Do we really have choices? Actually, we do. We can actively choose our thoughts and EMOTIONS. We can CHOOSE to be angry, or we can CHOOSE to walk away. It’s entirely in our power to make that choice.

Choices put us back in control. When we choose to control our emotions, we have greater control over all parts of our lives. I encourage you to choose wisely.

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Cheryl C Jones

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