Is there someone in your life that every time you are with them you walk away feeling depleted, drained, or exhausted? I’ve been there. I know exactly what that’s like.

My husband and I used to facilitate a spiritual book-study group. The group attracted a diverse set of people with differing opinions on what we were reading and discussing. And because this was an open group that met at a restaurant, anyone could join us at any time.

At one of these evening meetings, we had a gentleman join us that none of us had met before. By the end of our 90-minute gathering, I felt exhausted, ready to collapse in bed. I could not figure out why I was feeling this way as I was usually energized by this group. Later, I realized that throughout the evening, the new man had been undermining the conversation and aggressively challenging other group members’ insights and opinions. My energy had been depleted from trying to facilitate a civil conversation where everyone could be heard while protecting our little group from this new negative vibe.

You and I are energy beings. We are made up of energy, and our energy can become depleted by other people, events, or the environment. Learning to manage our energy is the key to us staying healthy and happy.

Personal energy management is about paying attention to the subtle messages your body gives you so that you recognize how different people, events, and environments affect your energy.

Here are five tips to help you manage and keep your energy high.

  1. Recognize times when you have felt rundown, worn out, or irritable. As you reflect on those experiences, notice who you were with and what you were doing.
  2. Make a list of the types of people, activities, and events that drain your energy. For example, people who draw you into their drama-filled lives by asking you for advice they never take or argue with, public speaking, weddings, concerts, or networking events.
  3. Make a separate list of the people, activities, or events that boost your energy. Engage as often as possible in the things that boost your energy. It’s been my experience that when I listen to certain songs my energy increases. Gloria Estefan’s song, Get on Your Feet, always boosts my energy.
  4. Set boundaries. Avoiding the people and activities that drain your energy is not always an option. Consider limiting your exposure to them. If the drainer is a person, limit your interactions to phone calls. If it is an event, plan to arrive early and leave early. That way you’ll be exposed to a smaller crowd in the beginning and can leave when you feel you have had enough.
  5. Set an intention before engaging in activities that deplete your energy. Determine in advance what kind of experience you want to have. If you are attending a networking event, intend to meet and interact with people who are a perfect fit for you and your services. Intend to meet people who fill you up energetically as opposed to those who drain you. When you set an intention beforehand you will naturally attract to you those people who are in alignment with your intention.

It takes only minutes a day to ensure your vitality. Practicing these personal energy management techniques is essential to your physical and mental health. Try them out and watch your energy soar.

All the best to you.

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