-Kathi Holzschuher, guest blogger for Simply The Best Results

Whew! What a year, huh?  I’m packing up now for my move to the new one. I’m moving out of 2020 and I am not looking back.

As I look around my weird new life of shut-downs, crowded hospitals, rapid tests, unprecedented deaths, contested elections and ridiculous shortages in the grocery store, I’m trying to decide what I want to pack for my move to 2021. None of the aforementioned, for sure.

I think I will start with my new-found resilience-my ability to bounce back from adversarial or unexpected consequences or outcomes on a regular basis (Thanks 2020!). I am enjoying this increased flexibility and feelings of appreciativeness. When adversity shows up, I know how to work around it more easily and feel gratitude for life and experiences. I have been involved with negative interactions much less frequently. I don’t take things as personally. I recognize that others have their own story managers going on in the background and it’s not about me. This resilience is liberating. And, it’s essential to my move into 2021.

Next, I will pack my growth-oriented mindset. It’s one of positive, uplifting, appreciative thoughts. I have been able to disrupt the negative thought patterns that were limiting me and begin to truly live into my full potential. My growth mindset is critical to how I respond to life’s challenges. And those challenges are what open the doors to opportunity.

Through personal coaching and education, I have come to realize how limiting some of my beliefs were. I was operating out of a fixed mindset on many, many issues. One thing 2020 allowed me, though was time. Time to explore, read and listen to how I could improve my life and realize my dreams. And lots of time for self-discovery. Being able to see my own limiting beliefs and how I have been responsible for unachieved dreams, has been life-altering. I believe that 2021 is going to be such that I will need to be in a growth mindset all year as we re-emerge and face a new world.

Ok. Fixed mindset stays in 2020. Growth mindset gets packed to move on.

Let’s see. Hmmm. Oh! I can’t forget to pack my freshly charged personal energy battery. I need this to help me regulate the situations and people who try to zap my emotional and physical energy. The great thing is, I’ve learned ways to protect the battery from draining too low by limiting my time with people, places and things that trigger me. I’ve also learned how to re-charge my battery when I’m getting low by eating better, sleeping well, exercising, taking breaks and canceling out negative thoughts about myself.

I’m going to need my journal, my emotional self-mastery coach (thank you Cheryl C. Jones!), my book on Emotional Self-Mastery (Cheryl C. Jones, author) and God’s grace, too. Everything else-the negativity, the fear, the anxiety-can just get boxed up and taken to the dump (or incinerated!).

I’m going in light, with valuable lessons learned and leaving a whole bunch of stuff behind.

And it feels so good.


If you would like to connect with Cheryl C Jones for emotional mastery coaching, she can be reached at: Cheryl@SimplyTheBestResults.com

Download a few chapters of her book, Emotional Self Mastery here.

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