This is a long post. You know why? Because Brandi is off this week and I don’t know how to post my blog to my website without her. She’s dutifully following up this week. 🙂
I was in a meeting with my friend and team member, Brandi Hockaday, when I started talking super-fast.

We were discussing the holidays and the fact that most of our team would be on a week-long holiday break, leaving me to handle the daily everything associated with running my business.

Being the perfectionist I can be, I wanted to ensure we got all the work done before our team took their break. As I continued to talk rapidly, listing the items that needed to get done, Brandi recognized that I was feeling overwhelmed. She’s seen it in me before.

Calmly, Brandi apologetically interrupted my frenzy with this little gem, “Cheryl, Christmas is going to come whether it’s perfect or not. It won’t wait for you to be ready”. (Insert angels singing and trumpets blowing.)

Wow! She was right. I was trying to cram six weeks’ worth of work into two weeks. And for what? To wake up Christmas morning able to say-I did it! I got it all done. I feel like crap, but yay!

Why, oh, why do we do this to ourselves? All of this running around and panicking and stressing does not put us into the right state of heart or mind to begin a new year. We run the race starting mid-October, and by the time January arrives, we’re ready to hibernate. I certainly don’t feel in the mood to set goals and intentions.

Look, I’m not saying I have all the answers. As you can tell from Brandi’s profound statement, even I get overwhelmed and act a fool. I say “even I” because I pride myself on canceling those negative emotions of fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, and guilt. I’m not supposed to let them overwhelm me, right? Well, they do. Every so often. And it’s my team that usually helps me see it. The advantage I have is that I immediately know how to change it once I see it. After all, I wrote the book. (Shameless plug for my book here-Emotional Self-Mastery).

Who do you have in your life that helps you “see it”? I can tell you this, once Brandi helped me see that I was getting close to holiday hell and hype, I was able to jump into action for myself. I immediately took steps to neutralize my emotions, calm myself and look around to enjoy the season. I know that you can do it, too.

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