Are you feeling stressed out, worn out, burnt out, or overwhelmed, then I have the solution for you.

That solution is a guided meditation that I developed just for you. It will help you feel more relaxed, calmer, more centered, more focused, so you have more energy.

Take a listen. It's only 13 minutes long. And let me know if you'd like more content like this from me. I'd love to know what you thought about this recording. Please leave a comment or send me an email and let me know what you think.

Enjoy the listen!

Cheryl C Jones





Hello, and thank you for joining me for this short meditation. Its intention is to help you to relax your body and your mind.
My name is Cheryl C Jones. I'm a coach and author and a speaker and a trainer, and anytime you'd like to learn more about me, you can find information. At Simply the best Let's begin.

Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting gently in your lap. If you prefer to lie down to do this meditation, please do so.
Now, let's begin.

Take a couple deep breaths, deep into the belly, and upon your exhale, exhale through pursed lips. To help you relax your shoulders while you're taking your deep breaths shrunk them up to your ears, and back down again. You may also want to roll your shoulders to the back of times, and then roll them to the front. Loosen the strain and the stress in your neck. By rotating your head around. Allow your breath to return to a normal pattern of breathing.

And I'd like for you to use your imagination, during this meditation. And to begin with, I want you to imagine a beautiful box in front of you, one that is very ornate. Maybe it has gold in lays and a beautiful pattern on it. Or maybe it's adorned with jewels and stones, and rubies and pearls, or maybe it's a very simple box. You get to decide what it will look like.

Now imagine your hand reaching over and lifting the lid of the box, it's hinged so you don't have to worry about the lid dropping. Just open it up and look inside, you'll notice that it's lined with beautiful purple velvet. And it's so soft to the touch. It's a kind of box where you place special and important things. And that's what we'll do today.

I'd like for you to recognize the number of challenges and worries that you have going on currently in your life. Imagine each one of those being an individual item. And I want you to imagine, placing that item into your box, keep placing those worries or challenges or difficulties in the box. You don't have to worry about filling up. There's plenty of room in your box.

Now that you have all of those items placed in your box. I'd like for you to imagine closing the lid, see your hand reach up for the lead and close it down tight. Latch the latch so that you know that they are all safe and sound. And that you can return to them, anytime you're ready. But for the duration of this meditation. I'm going to ask that you leave the box closed with all the items in it.

Where you're about to go is someplace that doesn't need those worries or challenges or difficulties, you're going to be in a beautiful space, that doesn't have a need for those items right now. So take another deep breath down to the base of your belly. And exhale.

Go on a journey with me. Imagine before you an elevator. The doors are open, waiting for you to get on, you step through the elevator doors across the threshold, and you push the only button there is to push on the panel. The doors close and you feel the elevators start to move. It's going down deeper and deeper into the earth. Do you hear that familiar sound. As it's coming to a stop of the dean. It says, You've reached your floor and the doors open wide to beautiful outdoor lobby. Everywhere you look you see greenery and trees and flowers in bloom. It's the most beautiful garden, you've ever seen. And there's a pathway leading away from the elevator.

You step out of the elevator and follow the path. He takes you through the garden, and on your left, your beautiful rose bushes and hanging baskets in bloom in the trees behind them. And on the right, you see a waterfall. Gently flowing into a pond. You can hear the sound. And it's such a lovely musical sound, you continue walking down the path. The path opens up to large patio with a table and chairs, two chairs in fact, you walk over to the table and take a seat in one of the chairs. You notice on the table, there's an envelope. And it has your name on it.

And you pick up the envelope, and you open it, and there's a handwritten note. And that note says, I look forward to speaking with you. I'll be joining you soon. It's not signed, and you're wondering who is going to be joining you soon as you look out the way from the table around the patio and the gardens, you see a figure walking towards you. That figure gets closer and closer, you realize that it is a bright white light in the shape of human figure; and it approaches you and greets you by name. It sits down with you at the table, and you're wondering who it is. This entity is your guardian angel.

Your guardian angel is here to help relieve your worries, your stress your concerns, your doubt, so that you can be happier, more confident and at peace in your life. For the next few minutes, have a conversation with your guardian angel, ask questions, to see what answers you receive. Now it's time for you to go. You thank your guardian angel for their time and insight. And you get up from the table and head back to the elevator.

Feel feeling grateful for this experience, knowing that you may come here anytime you'd like to gain answers to feel refreshed to become relaxed. It's always here for you. And you step across the threshold back into the open elevator, and push the button once more. And as the doors close. You whisper a thank you to your guardian angel, and this special journey that you've been on, and within seconds you've returned to the place that you started feeling much more content, confident, relaxed and ready to take on the day's challenges.


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