Recently, I was a featured guest on The Sonny Melendrez Show. Sonny is best known as an award-winning radio show host in my area of the world, but he is also a motivational speaker, author, and a dear friend.

Sonny titled the episode, Good Vibrations and interviewed me about the natural vibrational frequencies of our emotions and how they affect our lives. He also asked about some of the techniques I use in my practice as a Mindset Coach to help my clients overcome bouts of impostor syndrome, overwhelm, grief, fear, and other negative symptoms.

I thought it was a really good interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Click on the player below to take a listen. It’s about 28 minutes long and offers good insight into what my practice is all about, who I serve, and the possible outcomes for my clients.

I hope you will listen. You might even experience an “ah-ha” moment and realize I can help you, too.

Please share the link with others, and as always, I appreciate your referrals.

Cheryl C Jones

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